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  1. I thought that was the case too, but it still shows a digital download when you purchase the album from Maple Music.
  2. I got my copy from a local record store today -- no digital download included! Buyer beware. I'm guessing it's only a maple music exclusive. Regardless, it's awesome!
  3. Sorry I should have been more specific. Does the pullout have a download code on it for an MP3 version?
  4. Does it come with a download link?
  5. Peter

    Live Road

    It's pretty hard to match the album version. This (Rabbits) does not.
  6. I noticed in that interview he mentions "after all that went down" with Stu. I always assumed it was cause Stu's band was starting to tour, etc. I hope they didn't have some sort of falling out! I always though Stu compliment Matt really well. Pretty cool to read that Milos has been with him the longest out of anyone, including with the band. He (Milos) always comes off as pretty genuine and funny as hell. Though, they all do. Met Anthony at an Apple store once. Man, he was so down to earth and humble.
  7. Is anyone heading to the Brockville show from Ottawa? I was thinking of going, would be willing to drive anyone if they need a ride.
  8. Man, you can totally catch the difference between Stu and the new guy. And it's not a good difference. Damn, I really hope it's the sound quality on the video.
  9. Wasn't Matt ranting about people blatantly downloading his music right in front of his face? Be a little discreet, at least out of respect for the guy. Either that, or shell out $10 for the iTunes download.
  10. @Bimbly: the voice at the beginning of 'Shallow's Low' is his daughter singing. He mentions it in his interview with Alan Cross.
  11. So much brass. I love it. I honestly think this is the best and most diverse album he's ever written. Better than Avalanche, better than AOB.
  12. I usually don't write anything on this board anymore, but I had to for this. I will probably get banned for this too, but.. ...dude, you were annoying man. If I was sitting next to you, or close to you and not up in the balcony, I'd of probably told you to shut up. And if you didn't notice, Matt seemed pretty annoyed with you, just judging by the way he answered the q's. Call me an asshole, but people like you (i.e. at past Massey Hall shows) shouldn't be allowed into shows. Please have some respect for the people around you and the artist on stage. We paid, or in this case, won a contest
  13. Meh, I stand by what I've seen and read. And I don't eat Kraft Dinner, I enjoy real cuisine. Perhaps you should indulge, though.
  14. A quick google search will show you that both Matt and the director were credited for the award: "Good and co-director Ante Kovac were also nominated for a Juno Award for Best Video of the Year for "Weapon". Ante Kovac received the award alone on stage. Good later revealed in his blog that he had actually fired Kovac half way through the making of the video." Source: http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Matthew-Good-Band "Weapon" was released as a single before his debut solo album Avalanche was released on March 4, 2003. Good and co-director Ante Kovac were nominated and won a
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