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    Bass guitar, writing and singing songs, Matt Good above all other musicians and most of all friends and family.
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  1. 1) All Together 2) Euphony 3) Generation X-wing (Rooms)...soooo hard to call 4) Suburbia 5) Sort of a Protest Song 6) A Boy and His Machine Gun 7) It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man 8) A Long Way Down 9) Truffle Pigs
  2. well its been 45 mins since i sent out the email and i still havent stopped checking my inbox like every minute or two. i think that its fair to say that if they havent sent them out in the next 10-15mins that it could take way too long to keep checking and just come give her a look later tonight. i cant take anymore of this suspense
  3. i have lived my entire 20 year life in Ottawa and am still not quite sure what the hell the capital theatre is unless they mean capital music hall. in that case its right by the U of O campus, but either way there's plenty of time to find that stuff out
  4. haha, i did the exact same thing, had the weather channel on but it went to commercial so i flipped over to the tv guide channel. i can live with not gettin tickets better than i could have lived if i had been disqualified for sending my email like a couple seconds or a minute early
  5. how long do u figure the turnaround time will be on the confirmations, 10 mins, an hour, more? i really just dont have a clue but i really wanna know before i head off at 1:30 for my 2:30 class
  6. oh man that really sucks. well if me and all my freinds get one we'll have eight tickets between us so if there's an extra at the end of the day maybe we can hook you up
  7. i havent gotten a reply yet, and neither have three of my friends. i just gave a basic two, three line email that gave my name and why I was sending an email. Any further info they might need would probly be asked on confirmation, otherwise they would have specified that specific info was needed
  8. i can send it to you if you give me a way to reach you.
  9. I personally agree with you that song for the girl (and maybe double life) could be considered lyrically soft compared to what he would have put out in BM days. In fact, even with Avalanche being my fav album, I think it would have likely been better without song for the girl (and maybe double life), but for a different reason. The reason I think this is not because the song(s) were bad, but because they just didn't seem to fit the rest of the album in my opinion, musically, lyrically and just in the overall feel. As for the softness of the lyrics in that song, i think it is less a product of unoriginality or lack of touch/effort but merely that of maturity as a man and artist. He is at a point in his career where he doesn't care about being the 'smartest kid in class', he no longer has to be embarassed or ashamed to have an obvious love/emotional song. Too many artists are afraid to write that way because it leaves them exposed in a way that ambiguous or methaphorical lyrics don't. I hope I didn't come off to attacking cause i am merely stating how i feel. But i will agree with that song for the girl never would have come out in his MGB days and was the weakest part of avalanche.
  10. 1) Middle Class Gangsters 2) Born To Kill 3) My Out of Style Is Coming Back 4) Agoraphobe 5) Carmelina 6) Prime Time Deliverance 7) The War Is Over 8) In A World Called Catastrophe 9) Weapon wow, all my round 1 picks won! didn't like the fact that two of In A World Called Catastrophe/Weapon/Blue Skies/Can't Get Shot have to be out so early, but i guess that's the way things gotta go
  11. yeah i see where you guys are coming from, even when i voted i had a hard time with that, and it's my friggin poll! but i was just trying to avoid everyone simply voting for north american for life, which would have been an effort in pointlessness. that being said i purposely worded it 'least liked song' so that even if you liked every single song on the cd you could still vote. I personally fall into 'liked every song' category but thought NAFL was the worst and PTD was my second least fav (i expected so much more from it since i loved the original so much). but whatever, it's just a stupid poll and we can just let it run off the board's front page if people don't like making the choice. cheers!
  12. i can understand all the people that think that MG's lyrics have gone downhill recently, because I think that WLR&RR had some soft or better yet, 'obvious' lyrics for a good part of it. But cane you guys really say that Avalanche was lyrically inferior to his old days with MGB? It may just be me, but I really think his best period lyrically and artistically started with Audio of Being and reached it's peak in Avalanche. Not to say that he wasn't meaningful and introspective in his Underdogs/BM days, but back then it seems more songs were merely cynical remarks, criticisms, and off-setting of anger where as AOB and Avalanche seemed to have a deeper, more emotional meaning to them. He really seemed to pour himself out musically for those two records, and it shows in their moodiness and general atmosphere with AOB being very dark (his low-point) and Avalanche as a sort of coming back/re-awakening. I dunno, it's just my personal taste and a lot of my reasons for could be used as reasons against. Some people just prefer the angry, cynic to the heartfelt outpouring, and there's nothing wrong with that. But as for me, lyrically and musically, his peak was AOB and Avalanche.
  13. tough to compare because in sheer volume his first 5 releases (as MGB) are gonna produce more good songs than anything he could release on two cds as MG (3 if u count in a coma). but on the other hand, avalanche is my single favourite cd with a tough choice at second being probly Audio of Being. So all that being said, I'm gonna say in terms of sheer quantity MGB is better, in terms of fav cd, Avalanche takes the cake. As an overall I'll give the edge to MGB, but will say that if he continues to put out what is in my opinion Avalanche-quality stuff, then I would pick MG.
  14. I didn't originally start this poll because I thought from the general reactions goin round that it would be lopsided in favour one 1 or 2 songs (primarily NAFL). But after seeing the somewhat surprising results (no votes for strange days?) of the favs poll, I started wondering how this would turn out. As for the way I made the poll, i just did it this way because almost everybody I've talked to in person either hated the new North American For Life, or liked it but less than the rest of the cd. This poll would be pointless if it was completely lopsided, so intead if someone does hate that song they can still pick it but then clarify what they liked second least. Let me clear up before the ragging starts too, that I am not one of the people that hated NAFL and actually enjoy it more than the original version (which i was never a big fan of).
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