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  1. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but for those in the U.S. still hunting.... https://www.hmvdigital.ca/releases/1820484 I never found a good way to get the ca.7digital.com site to work (even with proxys), but HMV apparently doesn't care where you live. Plus only 92 cents after the conversion!!
  2. From a record label standpoint, this makes sense. Good sales of a compilation = Potentially strong sales for the next new release. But the "I can't buy his CDs where I live" argument? Come on. In America, the only MG physical CD officially released here was Beautiful Midnight: The Bastardized Version (songs removed in favor of tracks from Underdogs, songs like Hello Time Bomb remixed to make them more "radio friendly"). But when I got hardcore into MG in the early 2000s (yes, with Audio Of Being), I simply went on eBay... and bought his entire catalog. Including "hard to find" albums like Ghetto Astronauts and Loser Anthems. And not for much $$ either. Since then, I've bought all the new releases through Canadian websites or the occasional eBay seller. A little pricier than the local record shop but not terribly so. And if nothing else, those three vinyl releases are worth a pretty penny now. :D Hopefully someone picks up this compilation cheap... And then delves into the deep end of the catalog via the Internet. You can still get physical copies of Avalanche, Hospital Music, and Lights for under $10 each... Those three alone should hook any music fan with ears.
  3. I just read this yesterday and got inspired: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx547jkzQPE Not saying this is good or bad, but it does prove you can pull off a (pretty heavily) arranged song with just a single acoustic. --Rich
  4. OK here you go... Apologies as this might not be the right place to post this: I don't think this gets played live much anyhow... but... enjoy... Rich
  5. ARGRRGH... [insert numerous expletives here] I wasn't doing ANYTHING Tuesday night. (Okay, playing poker with the guys... and I came out well ahead, but still...) If I'd only known.... Friggin' Avalanche live. One of my favorite songs from my favorite MG album. AND Fake Empire. That National record is seriously one of the best of the decade. Bloody hell, as the Brits say. OK I'm gonna post something later tonight to offset the karmic retribution of missing you twice in the span of 3 days. No guarantees on quality though. --Rich
  6. Thanks for the report. I was in a REALLY awkward situation... I live in Charlotte, I'm a huge Matthew Good fan, BUT I'd already made NYE plans when this was announced. Honestly... I thought about breaking them, since this is the closest (by about 1000 miles) that Matt has ever played to me... and I might've, if there'd been better info about the show. But I couldn't get any info about start time... length of the set... etc etc. Start time was the big issue.... If I'd known the show would be done by 10:15 I might've just hit WR, then met up with my friends afterwards. I've done the solo show thing before (although not on NYE... probably the one night you don't really want to be alone in a bar)... Anyway, I'm thinking about driving to Arlington in the spring for a "proper" show, but still... It sucks he was in my backyard and I missed it. Part of me still feels like a loser over the entire thing. I really need the hookup to get into Dale Jr's private parties I guess. (True story: A friend of mine casually mentioned that she'd attended a few of Dale's parties in the past... of course the first question I asked was, "Did you ever see a guy named Matthew Good there?" Her reply? "Oh yeah, a couple times actually. He's quiet...") Or a random thought, if Matt or anyone reads this... Maybe a return to Whiskey River and Charlotte on the American spring tour? While it's not really a dedicated music venue like others in Charlotte, it's not a bad-sounding room... and I assume Dale Jr would pay the guys enough to cover costs and more for the trip. And if it was announced as a "proper" Matt Good show, I suspect there'd be a MUCH greater influx of true fans from around the Southeast.... since even the closest announced dates are 8-10 hours away from the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, FL, etc... --Rich
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