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  1. i like summe mines good even boring is better then school i just wish i saw dan more ;)
  2. lol i like it dan, but parkers wins M agic A tomique R eal I nteresting A mazing N atural N ice E nergetic my name is gay, too many repeat letters. but that was fun
  3. SEX! yay lol better then frosting ;)
  4. i wanto throw rocks at u ;)
  5. lol, hey it made me laugh
  6. lol those books are awesome! yet very very creepy, i bet chris made them up himself, what a sick twisted mind (21's my favourite)
  7. ;) lol finnnne theres no convincing u otherwise
  8. ;) NO! im bitter cuz i suck! and last time i smashed into someone i dont kno...it hurt
  9. hahah who makes a discussion dedicated to lazertag?! only ryan ;)
  10. chris farrer is my hero (but my name is only spelt with one r thnx)
  11. im marianne, 16, and kno all those weirdos typing above (anton, mike, boond, xandi) lol the weirdness amuses me tho hmmm im a new member and im a computer handi im xandis competition for dan vags are fun dan come to my house right now
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