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  1. Daggnabbit. I'm always 24 hours too late.
  2. Does anyone know of a store where you can preorder In a Coma and have it shipped to you when released? Particularly stores in the United States. Thanks, Joe
  3. Hey everyone, I remember around sometime in May Matt posted a special website hosted on the ghostnet servers that included some poems of his. Does anyone have a mirror, save them to an archive, or know if they are still available online? Thanks, Joe
  4. For the record, the resemblance of Jennifer Good to Anne Coulter is a real stretch...
  5. There are definitely too few ninja movies being made right now. My favorite one was the one with the three kids. Oh man, I gots to get that on DVD.
  6. I have my fingers crossed. I'm not sure if I dig Christian Bale as Batman, but here's to hoping. Anyone else excited about the new Superman too? Kevins Spacey could make a great Lex Luthor. Joe
  7. I'm really glad Matt is back writing. He seems gamier than usual too--that is, his blog seems more fun. He's mentioning more personal details, doing more shoutouts to people in his life, and there's a general tone of taking himself less seriously. I hope he keeps it up and I'm glad to see him back.
  8. Anyone here see the TV series "Freaks and Geeks"? Though it was critically acclaimed and fanatically followed by its fans, the show failed to pick up enough viewers to keep it on past one season (1999-2000). The eighteen episodes came out in DVD in April 2004 and I spent the last two weeks watching it with my housemates. The creators of the show were informed that they were to be canceled and planned the last couple of episodes to provide some kind of closure. It was interesting watching it because unlike most shows, this one was consistently excellent--not a single disappointing episode between the 18 produced. There was something poetic about knowing that it was all over without undergoing a slow, messy death. IF Matt is truly exiting the world of music... could we make the same kind of analogy? Is it good that Matt is going out on a relatively high note (WLRRR)? Sorry for the circumlocutions... - Joe
  9. Oh man, buck up. You just gotta go make your own adventures. You don't have to live vicariously though MG. (As fun as it may be.)
  10. Wow, is anyone else impressed with the speed in which the encyclopedia updates itself with the recent goings-on of Matt's life? Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Good
  11. jmp

    New Wave

    One of my favorite Matt Good songs is "I Miss New Wave". I never really understood what New Wave was, though on the old runningforhome.net it was posted: "In a recent interview, guitarist Dave Genn refered to a "new wave". This "new wave" was the influential new wave of music bursting onto the scene during the 1980's. An influential "new wave" that inspired Matt, Dave, Rich and Ian." But I just randomly came across this quote I thought I would share. Not sure if it changes my reading of IMNW though. "One thing I wanted to bring back to rock 'n' roll was the knowledge that you invent yourself. That's why I changed my name, why I did all the clothing style things, haircut, everything. . . . That is the ultimate message of the New Wave: if you just amass the courage that is necessary, you can completely invent yourself. You can be your own hero, and once everybody is their own hero, then everybody is gonna be able to communicate with each other on a real basis rather than a hand-me-down set of societal standards." --Richard Hell Hell was a member of the band Television that is credited with starting the new wave scene inside of NY. http://www.google.com/url?sa=U&start=5&q=h...ARD.html&e=9833
  12. OK guys, if there's no copy someone downloaded on purpose, someone should check inside of their browser cache to see if the movie was saved there. I erase my cache regularly and don't have it, but does anyone have a copy there? Thanks, Joe
  13. From the workproject.com, check out this video Matt just posted: http://www.matthewgood.org/web/New%20Movie%20Stream.mov It looks like Ryan Dahle of the Limblifters is a member of Matt's new band. And I like the haunting track they were working on. Joe
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