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  1. The staff at the Jack Singer are always super anal like that. I had a similar problem when Matt did the Solo tour. I had a security person hovering around my section for the second half of the show. Same issue when Hawksley Workman played the venue. The Ozzie rant was priceless however. Didn't think i would have ever expected to see Matt attempt that impression.
  2. Exactly the same thing I did on wednesday. Of course i didn't know the livenation password just yet, so i spent 15mins trying to dig it up. All-in-all I missed about 20mins of lecture time.
  3. Golden Circle is offered here in Calgary as well. I assume it's the first few rows of the Orchestra section. I opted against it. I've seen matt so many times i fail to see the added value. Though a first timer may.
  4. Word of the wise, now that ticketbastard charges $2.50 for ticketfast, just get your tickets via will-call. Always nice to save a bit of money. And yes, the Live-nation pre-sale code is hollywood & radio presale code is vancouver.
  5. pre-sale password "vancouver" does not appear to work for the calgary show. Today is live-nation pre-sale, so no luck.
  6. Pretty lame that Apple and Adobe haven't sorted that out. I knew the first gen didn't have it, but by the 3Gs I figured it would be all golden. My concern with using quicktime is its complete lack of security features. Certainly not the safest format to share a pre-release of an album with. Tis a great format otherwise, just not sure if i agree with this usage. Though, again, not being sure what else the iPhone is capable of, i would be at a loss to offer any suitable alternatives. Nonetheless, with the street date coming really soon it doesn't matter all that much.
  7. Interesting move by matt to use a quicktime container to stream it to the iphone. Is the iphone not yet capable of flash (forgive my ignorance as I do not own one)?
  8. I honestly don't understand the Calgary complaints. Listen, this was a crowd of 15-20 thousand people with diverse musical tastes... some big Dallas Green fans, some big Hip fans, some big Matt Good fans and some casual rock fans. You can't be cracking out the weird shit for a show like that. As Matt mentioned. The beauty of a hits set is that the majority of the crowd can sing along. I was there the entire weekend and i didn't see a crowd sing along that much for an entire set all weekend (mind you, i skipped on the hip). The fall acoustic tour gave the hardcore fans a chance to h
  9. SupaDawg


    The entire story about his OD and the consequential fallout have been something the media never fails to mention. That doesn`t surprise me at all. Not that anyone with a quantifiable intellect actually reads those freebie Daily rags looking for any substance anyways.
  10. I ended up getting an older Fender Gemini II. Family member actually gave it to me. I scooped a bussies tuner and it actually sounds pretty good. No i just have to get past the frustration of learning chords and such.
  11. I'm in Calgary.. we have a few. I didn't even think of that. Might be able to get something decent to start on that way. If i enjoy the guitar i'm willing to invest a good chunk of coin... But to start that may not be a bad idea.
  12. I'm looking to pick up the accoustic guitar. I have a friend who's been playing for years who i can get to teach me if i buy something. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good entry-level guitar? maybe a brand & model or even a brand they prefer. Any help would be much appreciated. :)
  13. This is precisely why my original cds all occupy a shelf in the basement. the only thing you'll ever find in my car, or in a cd wallet is burnt duplicates.
  14. I just finished work on an album art "Life poster" (Standard movie poster size, 130-odd piece of album art) So i figured it begs a question for a good topic. What's your all time favorite piece(s) of album art?
  15. i would, but i'm in the same boat. The nice folks at yousendit suspended my account already. haha I could make a torrent of all the calgary stuff if somebody wants.
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