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  1. I really wish "Cant Get Shot In The Back" was going to be on the new cd
  2. Can I just say I love DCFC....saw them live on Olympic Island in Toronto a week or so ago and was amazed with how great they sound. I'm starting to really like Narrow Stairs...Transatlanticism is by far still the best album in my mind
  3. Apparitions...good choice. They need some Matt Good songs on Rockband as well ;)
  4. but I was on that sideeeeeeeeeee lol no worries though...I almost got into a fight with 2 drunk girls that pushed their way to the frnt and then tried to go through my friend. People are gross. At Massey Hall I had 3 drunk guys in front of me...2 passed put and the other one puked. I hope my experience at the Hamilton show is better
  5. All I said was $65 is more than Im willing to spend on a hooded sweatshirt that isnt really that big of a deal. Its nice but not worth my $65. I'd rather fill my gas tank up and drive around listening to Matt Good..lol ;)
  6. anyone know where I can d/l the massey hall show? ;)
  7. Well..I saw some guy puke on the chair in front of him cause he was so drunk...and his 2 friends on either side of him actually passed out in their chairs.
  8. what the fuck is right. I really was thinking of getting one at the Kingston show til I saw the price. $40 would've been more appropriate. I dont even like the logo on the front...seriously though...$65 AS IF
  9. The K-I-C-K-A-S-S chant at the Toronto show was purely amazing. Everyone in the entire place seemed to be clapping. It made the hair stand up on my arms. If he doesnt put out a live album....someone had to have recorded the show ;)
  10. Yha the Ale House sucks. Im not impressed as to why they would choose a location like that. Like I mentioned I was at the far right hand side at the front so perhaps the only decent sound was coming front and center. As for the stage...lol...what stage? There are far better places in Kingston. I would love to see him play at the newly revamped Grand Theatre. Im going to the Hamilton show on Friday....the sound in that place is amazing...so Im really looking forward to actually hearing Matt this time around.
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