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  1. Letters in Wartime is just fantastic. Love it! My go to song when i put this album on
  2. Almost impossible to pick a favorite, although Strange Days is always in heavy rotation in my house...as is Metal Airplanes. Actually, most of Hospital Music is just lovely
  3. yes, that was awesome. Such a great unexpected moment
  4. In regards to an above comment regarding stories being told in Philadelphia, it was almost like audience participation where people were just openly shouting out questions (To me, I thought he actually seemed in a really good mood - I saw him once in Philly and someone pissed im off royally and he wound up not even doing an encore) and someone shouted out something like "Do you still talk to Dave Genn?" and he went into this long story about how they havent spoken in like 11 years but it was weird because their wives talk on Facebook. he was sort of alluding to "we're all older now and this sh
  5. Hopefully, someone filmed "99% Of Us Is Failure" tonite in Philly. Dammit that was awesome. At the end of the show, Matt again thanked everyone for what happened and said it was "the highlight of the tour". Basically, long story short, the plug in the guitar was malfunctioning, so he came and sat at the edge of the stage, told everyone to gather round close, and he played it about as unplugged as you could get, and it was awesome because everyone was singing along to the words with him. It was almost like having him sitting in your living room on an acoustic guitar during a holiday with everyo
  6. Ugh. Missed it. Any good people out there want to share? ;)
  7. While We Were Hunting Rabbits is such an awesome song
  9. I think after she said the "shut up and sing" comment, the guy who was sitting in the 3rd table groaned and audibly said "Shut the FUCK UP LADY"
  10. Hey Vance - I wasnt singling your post out. If it came across that way i didnt mean it. Just felt the need to clarify since I've heard the fans thing brought up a few times here. It just gets real old real fast after awhile. We still hear the Santa Claus nonsense and that was in 1968. And I'd still take the loud,obnoxious,rude Philly fans who are passionate about their teams because they are starving for a winner any day of the week over lame assed fans like Florida Marlins fans who's team has won 2 World Series but barely draw 10,000 fans a game or Atlanta Braves fans, who were so spoiled bec
  11. Also, for all the people who seem to want to heap this on "Philly fans"...for those that were there will know that the opening act girl - who's name I cant recall offhand - actually seem surprsied that there were so many people in the crowd who WERENT from Philly. The asshole woman could just have easily been an asshole woman from Alabama or an asshole woman from California or an asshole woman from Delaware or an asshole Canadian who traveled there to see the show like many in the crowd did. It isnt a stone 100% fact that she was from Philadelphia. This woman does NOT represent "all Philadelph
  12. I would have rather he made a complete asshole out of her to the point where she would have left in embaressment instead of jerking off the other 100 people there by cutting the show short. Yea I know the one bad apple ruins the bunch thing, but it was a disappointing first time seeing him......u know?
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