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  1. Was doing a search for something else entirely and came across these: https://shop.musicvaultz.com/search.html?term=matthew+good don't know if anyone's noticed as yet...
  2. 10" vinyl and CD up for preorder on Amazon.ca Nice..
  3. What do you think the chances of a DVD/ Live recording would be? For it is the album that got me into Matt, & one of my all time faves. I live in Australia, and made the trek to Canada to see a few shows on the Hospital Music tour (Awesome!) but can't make it work this time... Matt keeps hinting of coming to Oz, but nothing seems to eventuate - so a DVD just for me please? ;)
  4. Hmmm, I'd LOVE it if someone could record this and torrent it or something, so a far away Australian can see it.... Please, please? ;) Cheers.
  5. It seems to me he's playing about three singles out of 14 or so songs. And almost ALL of Vancouver each night, with a few variations here and there. What more could you ask for, really? He's an artist that plays mostly from his new stuff each tour, and he pretty much has to play his 'hits', for those who have never seen him live before and been captured by these 'hit' songs. Give the guy a break. That's my opinion, anyways.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion(s). I tried cdplus.com, and they only do Canada & US... It looks like unless Maple Music finds a few more CDs, Indigo will be my only option. Better than a kick in the pants, I suppose! ;)
  7. Aaaarggghhhh, I've been checking MM regularly for ages, that process still keeps saying "currently unavailable" for me. I NEED the hard copy. Anyone know of somewhere else (apart from Indigo - overpriced and it'll take 6-8 weeks to get here!) online that ships to Australia?? HMV, FutureShop, BestBuy all don't ship internationally, and Amazon.ca or Amazon.com don't have it listed at all. Anyone? Ta. Jayson ;)
  8. Yes!!! Matt Good Full Band tour. ;) :angry: I told myself if this happens this year I'll be coming to see him. I managed 6th row seats in Vancouver. First time MG gig. Am so excited! Now, I just need to get flights from Melbourne (Australia, not Florida) and accommodation in Van town. Am also hoping to go to the gig in Victoria, and anywhere else that's nearby. Would anyone have some personal recommendations (not too expensive)for accommodation in Vancouver and Victoria? PM if you can help out. Man, I can't wait... roll on June. :angry:
  9. jaydee

    London Show?

    That's wicked, thanks alot. Finding this and another 2007 show here has made my week. That and FINALLY receiving my CD of hospital music in the mail from Amazon Canada (only took 7 weeks to Australia!). All in all a great GOOD week. ;) :angry: :angry: :angry: (8)
  10. jaydee

    New Mg Tour

    Yeah, I'd like the hub back too... it was my window to the world of Matt Good as I'm stuck in Australia and not able to afford to fly over for a show. Are there links to torrents floating around that someone might be able to point me to? Thanks. ;)
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