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  1. I actually just checked them out, and I like the music, but I'm more fascinated by the stupid paint tool on their website.
  2. If we're being honest, my ego is pretty into forwardness. Unfortunately this all falls apart when the only Italian place around is an Olive Garden, and my imperious demands for breadsticks within 90 seconds go unmet by the staff. Such is life.
  3. Anyone anything about the venue he's playing in Boston? Have a friend in the area, but she's never actually been.
  4. Elliott Smith/Peter Kribs - Shytown Because the day just seemed too bright.
  5. I've seen worse on the internet as well, but it's usually when the average age trends down below 18. And with all the political commentary it can get infuriating to get stupid predictable responses over and over again. Anonymity kind of guarantees that'll happen. I kind of enjoy the appearance angry stupidity, but not if I'm tasked with semi-controlling it.
  6. That picture is so terribly happy that I can only assume something awful is going on outside the frame.
  7. Eraserhead. It was a terrible epiphany. No, that's not not true.
  8. Not sure I should mention this since I'm considering going after them myself, but there's a couple of posters (White Light Rock and Roll, In A Coma) up on ebay right now. Nothing MGB related save a signed guitar(?!), but thought I'd share.
  9. It's pretty wonderful, if a little less poppy than their other stuff. Which, I like their poppy stuff. But Moon and Antarctica is still great.
  10. I opened up my DS after about 6 months to try playing through the rest of Professor Layton. It was uncharged. Life seemed a little darker.
  11. It's not exactly what you're looking for, but I always thought it'd be pretty cool to take some of his Hospital Music artwork, which you can buy in postcard form from the MapleMusic store, and rasterize it into something pretty large.
  12. It seems you're at a bit of an impasse then. Best get the pistols. Those top four, if out of order, are certainly amongst my favorites. Very interesting. Thanks!
  13. About 3/4 of Off The Grid: Life on the Mesa. A documentary about a group of... I don't even know what to call them really. They're not anarchists or hippies. They're just kind of crazy and apolitically hateful of government. Which sounds kind of interesting, but I couldn't stop thinking how terribly boring people these crazy people are.
  14. Would just edit this in, but different subject, so: I didn't check out the singles they released over the past year until now, but it's a fairly substantial amount of material. A lot of it sounds promising (more rough than We Were Dead though, which is surprising). Really curious to see what's coming. Also they're playing at the Pitchfork Music Festival if you have some time and a little too much money. And don't mind hanging out with Pitchforkers. They're mostly done touring though, so one hopes they're making progress.
  15. Site really looks great. I have to think that forcing registration for comments is going to reduce their numbers, but probably improve their quality; at least insofar as not being an asshole goes.
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