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  1. haha I'm actually not too sure; I'm going to assume that it was available for all the shows.
  2. Nice. The Manics aren't appreciated in the music as much as they deserve. Aphex Twin - "Girl/Boy E.P."
  3. Who else snatched up one of those signed Avalanche vinyls? I was so surprised to see them selling at the Toronto show.
  4. I'd be interested in four of the items: Small, double sided avalanche poster (signed by MG) Regular, double-sided AoB poster (signed by ALL FOUR MEMBERS) Loser Anthems Avalanche vinyl I'll await pictures for whenever you post them. In addition, what ballpark were you looking for, for those four items?
  5. I paid $220.00 a ticket as a Christmas gift for me and my Father to see Queen + Paul Rodgers at the ACC. It was indeed a rip off.
  6. Lou Reed. He hasn't graced a Toronto stage in years. If counting the musicians who have sadly passed away, I would have to say Nick Drake or Jeff Buckley.
  7. Hey, I need to save up money to fix my turntable so I've decided to sell off some of my autograph collection. During the Virgin Fesitval this past September on Toronto Islands, I was fortunate enough to get a VFest handbill autographed by Jimmy in the backstage area as he was passing by before dinner during the second day of the festival. I'm located in Mississauga, Ontario and wouldn't want to mail the item, but would rather meet face to face with someone and do the exchange. I'll put it at best offer but I would reserve the right to not sell it in the end. Cheers, Rob
  8. Quite true. I remember reading somewhere that in North America, Toronto is the second highest city for income in entertainment (concerts, sporting events etc. etc....) ; Los Angeles being the first. During the last go of it in October, Matthew succesfully sold out tickets for the Massey Hall gig. Most likely the same will happen. It is the demand.
  9. the Hamilton show relived through The Bored.
  10. Recent additions... Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace Daniel Victor of Neverending White Lights Slash of Guns 'N' Roses/Velvet Revolver
  11. Thanks for the instant message update. I'll be taking this cd into consideration. -- Rob
  12. I'm interested; but not for $75. Post pictures as soon as you can.
  13. Additions: Jenny and Blake of Rilo Kiley Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, Brides of Destruction, Sixx:A.M. Patrick Wolf
  14. eh eh now, Wonderwall done by Ryan Adams was a fantastic rendition. I'd have to agree with the post about the New Found Glory cover album.
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