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  1. :D :D ARGH sold out ?! :( Might head down there anyway, bound to be touts outside (hopefully !).
  2. That's great, I only expected London anyway. It's often a given that it's London for overseas bands (I know it is for Pearl Jam, in any case).
  3. Since the snowjob '99 videos were promptly removed, watch/save this while it lasts: Indestructible live on Open Mike with Mike Bullard ^_^
  4. Yep, brilliant series - just hate waiting for each episode ! Gutted about Eddard Stark's end. Sean Bean's such a hero - a cool, talented, Northern, working-class Bennite - ticks all the boxes.
  5. Agree with this. You forgot to mention the significant section of society who haven't the foggiest about this newfangled email nonsense - namely the elderly, who rely on post for all sorts - medicine, pension entitlements being the most obvious examples. Also if your mail is anything like our Royal Mail, it wasn't designed to make money in the first place; it was designed to deliver a public service. So prices set at as low as they can go before making a loss to ensure accessibility for all, creating an equitable network that delivers to all - regardless how rural and hard to get to it is etc. Privatisation not only changes that ethos into profit-seeking-at-all-costs, but it doesn't even deliver your goal of breaking the strike, as we here regularly have strikes in once-nationalised businesses (British Airways most recently). I don't know how far Canada's gone in that direction, but privatisation here has a horrendous track-record, to the point where even the majority of our Tories - who voted for it - support renationalising/oppose anymore privatising (of course our neoliberal stooges of politicians don't listen and are in the process of part-privatising Royal Mail, against the public's wishes).
  6. I haven't seen the film, but his distribution methods certainly interesting - we'll have to wait and see how he gets on, but I support the principle behind it. Red state, as in staunch Republican, Religious Right ? Only in America can "Red" mean that. ;)
  7. Ideal timing for the Tories, ey. The situation in Canada reminds me of what we had in the 80's: a more right-wing than usual Tory, who's not terribly interested in consensus or compromise with other parties, but basically unopposed because the Left is so hopelessly split. I suppose the key difference here is, unlike in the 80's when there was a fairly big gap between how Labour (socialists) and SDP (social democrats) wanted to shape the world in the midst of the Cold War, from an outsiders perspective the Liberals and NDP seem to be social-liberals and social democrats, which are found together in parties all around the world - which begs the question, why haven't they amalgamated? Seems to me you might getting something resembling a social democratic opposition, but with the added confidence to create a bold platform that having a significant support base/vote would grant you. Saying that, if I were a Canadian I'd vote for whichever party likeliest to offer a proportional voting system, as today's "social democrats" make yesteryears Tories look like socialists.
  8. Round 4C: Man of Action Prime Time Deliverance While We Were Hunting Rabbits Round 4.7: Apparitions
  9. Didn't find it funny, but it was a good rant. Least your Tories are plummeting; ours are pretty much guaranteed to be governing for the next half a decade. :angry: ;)
  10. Pretty pictures in a magazine Everybody is so make believe, it's true I used to be sad now I'm just bored with you. You're doomed to repeat the past 'Cause nothing is going to last I'll burn all your photographs Ryan Adams - Burning Photographs.
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