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  1. Quick question that wasn't really answered through the five pages of this thread: Will anyone be taping and posting this thing online after the 23rd? I ask this because I was in the front row, and I don't have a VCR (nevermind TiVo). ;)
  2. Hey all! I do apologize that I haven't posted for a while, and I'm sad that this is what brought me back. Just wanted to offer my own mention. So sad to hear about Geoff. ;)
  3. I don't think that list is necessary official. I actually submitted a few songs to this poll and one of them got picked for air. They played my suggestion of Everything You've Done Wrong by Sloan a couple of nights ago. Yeah, it's kind of a corny suggestion, but it's still fun to know my name was announced on cross country radio. ;) PS: Hyphnip, your avatar is fucking brilliant.
  4. I need to get season 4 as soon as I get the money. I missed a ton of episodes last season (due to VCR timing conflicts and the like), and I need to get caught up properly before the new season starts up. ;)
  5. My suggestions: - Sloan - Great Big Sea (if you're into really, really upbeat stuff, and are open to the idea of listening to Newfoundland folk-rock) - Barenaked Ladies - The Stills - The Trews - Sam Roberts - Broken Social Scene (and any thing associated with them) - Buck 65 (if you're into hip-hop at all) - Beatles (Yeah, people think their overrated, but look beyond the hype.)
  6. In Bruges THE BIAS I was kind of in Bruges myself two years ago. I was able to clearly recognize 10 different spots, including some back streets, and the one additional feature was a canal tour, and the tour went past the dock where I got on my canal tour. Gorgeous little town, if you're ever looking for somewhere quiet, yet historic. WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE Wow, what an incredibly violent movie. I don't usually like really violent movies like that (especially when I think that I was stood in spots were some of the worst of it took place). I've never found violence to that degree necessary to make a film good, and it quite often really detracts from a second viewing for me... WHAT I LOVED ...which is going to suck because there was a lot about this movie I really liked, and I know I can't complain because what's to be expected about a movie about hit men? First off, the dialogue was fucking hilarious. It was un-PC, they say the word "fuck" at least 130 times in a 126 minute film, and the timing of the entire cast's deliverance of it was spot on. Colin Ferrell, in particular, brought a lot of humanity into a very dangerous man. Not to mention, going back to my to bias, they really made Bruge look more than a medieval draw Belgium's main tourist attraction. They make it look like just a really lovely little town fully of extremely interesting people - mostly tourists, mind you, but the tourists who tend to travel there are always people who are looking off the beaten track, and therefore quite interesting. ;) So that's my review of In Bruge. In a nutshell, good movie, really violent.
  7. No Time for Later - The Trews Live it Out - Metric* Old World Underground Where Are You Now? - Metric* Howe Sounds - Said the Whale* *Christmas gifts
  8. Anybody see any great concerts recently? Personally, over the course of the past two months, I've seen Sam Roberts, 54-40, Royal Wood, and the Trews. All were good, but I must say that the Trews put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. ;) http://www.flickr.com/photos/missemilyjane...57603874200466/ <--Photos are there.
  9. Parallel Play - Sloan Here's to Being Here - Jason Collett Snacktime - Barenaked Ladies Oceans Will Rise - The Stills Live at Massey Hall - Matthew Good That's definitely my list of favourites for this year. ;)
  10. Don't worry dude. Entwhistle rarely played 5, and if a 4 was good enough for Thunder Fingers, than it's good enough for me. ;)
  11. And when the night is cloudy There is still a light that shines on me Shine until tomorrow Let it Be (A personal mantra at the moment...)
  12. You know, as much as campaign funding is a pretty petty argument, considering the Liberals are almost bankrupt at this point and the Bloc and the NDP don't have enough support to gain even official opposition status, I would be glad to go to the polls over this. The only party that wouldn't be effective by the policy would be the Tories - because most of their funding comes from private donations. It seriously looks like a move by Harper to make sure he retains power for a long time to come; and when you're not a fan of the Tories in anyway shape or form, a vote would at least mean democracy is some what respected. But that's just me.
  13. Ooo...right now, the songs I'm continuously replaying are: Big Bang Theory - Barenaked Ladies Down to Earth - Barenaked Ladies Take it Back - Barenaked Ladies Take it Away - Paul McCartney Another Day - Paul McCartney Things We Said Today - The Beatles Money City Maniacs - Sloan Sensory Deprivation - Sloan Miracle Mile - Down With Webster Back in Your Head - Tegan & Sara Charlyn Angel of Kensington - Jason Collett Dang - Buck 65 Push Pins - Sloan/Will Currie and the Country French Snakecharming the Masses - The Stills Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl - Broken Social Scene
  14. CD: Neil Young - Decades Brian Setzer - Collection Vinyl: Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits Vol II Bob & Doug Mackenzie - Great White North
  15. Voted Green, and not Obama like I originally thought I was going to. May had balls to just stand up and make Canada listen, and thus won this vote for the Green.
  16. I wanna be sorry, but I'm not. I pinched the 45 single of that song from my parents when I got my turntable. It's a great song, with a crazy video to boot. ;) Brand new treasures from the vinyl recycle bin across the street from work: Synchronicity - The Police Reggatta De Blanc - The Police Outlandos d'Amour - The Police Ummagumma - Pink Floyd* Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd* (*First, who throws out a Pink Floyd record, period? Second, who throws out Dark Side of the Moon? Third, who wreaks their copy of Dark Side of the Moon? Forth, who in their right mind would throw out their slightly blemished copy Dark Side of the Moon even though there is sill a POSTER and a STICKER still in the cover?! The shop keeper even put the price down to $4 because he was able to find the little blemish on the disc itself. A travesty if you ask me. Having said that, upon further inspection, the blemish could not be found again, so it was mine for the taking. So now I am the proud adopted parent of an original copy of Dark Side of the Moon and nobody will ever wreck it or disown it ever again. The end. :angry:)
  17. I love MapleMusic. It's my one stop shop for everything Matt Good (and Sloan!) merchandise. ;)
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