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  1. I remember when this story first broke and laughed so hard. I went into work and explained it to my co-worker Fatima who is from Somalia and she responded: "Whats the big deal? My mom used to hit me with a shoe all the time!" lol I laughed at that too cause some of my other co-workers whose families are from the Middle East thought it was funny that people here thought it was so bizzare. Apparently the shoe-beatings are common haha i guess its like getting spanked here haha so in a way... that Iraqi journalist was giving Bush a spanking lol...
  2. My job has sucked the life out of me, I just haven't really kept up with my internet duties, so i'm trying to get back into it, but i dont know how long i'll be able to keep it up. happy holiday's bud!
  3. Obama wins nom I'm happy it happened.... are you?
  4. I'm going to keep this brief. I think that if people find that they have an ethical objection to China's lack of human rights they should boycott their products. I wouldn't say it's pointless at all, there are many Chinese dissidents who are fighting and dieing without anyone knowing the scale and scope of the resistance right know because of Chinese suppression and oppression. To boycott their products would give the dissidents a lot of hope and probably the strength to continue what does appear an almost insurmountable task. There are many democracy activists and China and we just don't hear about them. They know the condition their in is terrible and unjust and if we recognize this as such the we don't need to support China by buying their goods. People said South Africa's apartide would never be beat, that white south Africans would always rule, but after years and years of struggle this was changed. Just because we may not see it in our lifetime does not make it fruitless, i think that a boycott starts small but governments eventually listen once more and more people come on side ethically.
  5. Achievment: I forgot to post this but on Thursday I picked up my very first car... so im happy..
  6. It'sa language issue but its a bit more then that in my opinion. The language is attached to the history of quite a lot of oppression in Quebec by an anglo-dominated federal government. I'm not saying its like that today, but early in Canadian history right up until the 1950's a lot of Quebecers were denied internal self-determination. By that i mean control over their own federal affairs within Parliament, there also weren't a lot of French in federal government up until then as well. I mean its not the oppression of say South Africa during the same period, im not saying the Canadian government were the absolute worst, im just saying that there is a history here of some pretty unfair treatment, so the paranoia isn't entirely unfounded. Now, many argue that Quebec is more powerful then ever before, especially in government, and whether that is true or not I don't know, i don't know what the evidence for that even is. Returning to the language issue i think that even if they don't speak Parisian French they have a tie to their language and culture because of anglo-domination. This is in there view, and whether we agree with it or not is totally irrelevant. If Germans came and dominated my country for 200 years i'd probably hold onto anything i could that reminded me of how things were before the Germans came, my language being just one of the things i'd hang onto. I think that's a pretty understandable position.
  7. HAHAHA I forgot about that, greatest moment in our bored history lol
  8. At his prime Jimmi Hendrix would have been pretty cool to see, also Sublime before their whole breakup thing.. annnnddddd Nirvana in its prime would have been pretty cool to see. I dunno, a lot of bands, shit.
  9. I'm plenty calm!! Just cause i sing a song about Pork a few times doesn't mean im all aggressive about the pork issue. Porking however...
  10. I never said he outright supported torture, i just said he supported dubious anti-torture legislation. Either way, he's quite conservative, he is against gay marriage, therefore I would never vote for him haha. That being said, i'm Canadian so my opinion doesn't matter in U.S. politics haha
  11. He also supported the "anti-torture bill" which had a presidential signing statement which means essentially that "we don't torture unless the president says we can, then we do" haha and torture means what we say it means. Don't forget, they reinterpret international documents ALL the time, consistently say they are out of date or too vague. Case in point: Bush said that "outrages on human dignity" was too vague in saying what is torture. That being said, he condones simulated drowning, and other horrific interrogation techniques that the majority of the Western world classify as torture. But back to McCain, he's way too old to be president haha On another note, he loves President Bush, which is scary.
  12. EDIT: I just want it to be known that I prefer Obama out of all the candidates for the presidency. The above argument is for arguments sake, i dont agree with Obama on a lot of things, but i agree with him being president more then any of the other mainstream candidates.
  13. supercanuk


    Mine last night was weird, but i knew i was dreaming. Totally fucked, i just remember this darkness and my mind being like, you're in a dream, get out of it, and i literally pulled myself out of a dream. Waking up, my head hurt and I was like whoah thats totally fucked, ive never consciously been in a dream where i had control, anad last night it happened, and i was able to know i was sleeping and wake myself up. Anyone ever get that?
  14. I didn't say he's against big corporations, i said he's done a lot of work fighting against the encroachment of massive corporations on the civil liberties of Americans. Just because he has a lot of money and plenty of stocks in big corporations doesn't mean that he can't fight other big corporations, which do a lot worse for the country then Wal-Mart. He's a lawyer and a rich one at that, he's an effective consumer advocate, that doesn't make him against big corporations, it just means he's a voice for consumers. Just because he has support from Conservatives does not make him a conservative, he's pretty outspoken about the bankruptcy of the two party system in the United States since BOTH the democrats AND the republicans forced him out of ANY debates, even though he has the complete right to be in those debates. Just because conservatives helped him get on the ballot in 2004 does not make him a republican either. He doesn't have the big numbers and the multi-million dollar support behind him that the democratic and republican front runners do (and thats WHY they are considered "legitimate" candidates, it's the money, lets not get it twisted) which does not mean he shouldn't run. If nothing else he provides an alternative to the two party monopoly, an alternative voice, and something different to the Obama-Clinton campaign. What are the MAJOR differences between them? Honestly, these people are basically the same, with minor differences on policy, but nothing drastic. American history is filled with political parties that led to complete changes in American history, the Whig party for example. Nader running as a Green will help invigorate a lively debate if nothing else, and what else is democracy but freedom to run in an election and engage in an alternative dialogue and challenge the status quo? If he just personally irks you, then thats fine, but pointless i'd say it's not.
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