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  1. Radiohead doing 'Hopeless' Matt doing 'Idioteque' wouldn't that be weird...
  2. mmm, probably not. You could try using different EQ settings to isolate some parts but generally, it's not that successful unless you really know what you're doing.
  3. my version doesn't skip sorta....at the 0:20 mark, there feels like a slight clip when Natalia sings "arms" but that might just be the mixing...i noticed this when it first came out but figured it might be deliberate.
  4. holy shit. I checked out their official website and found a blog and found this: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/129/131.../DSCN1704.3.jpg Yep, I guess Adolf's more popular then Frosty with white supremacist kids these days....
  5. i don't think arcade fire sounds similar to bss at all.... i voted broken, by the way ;)
  6. Godspeed You Black Emperor! opening for My Bloody Valentine opening for The Beatles.....sweeettt...
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