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  1. My friend just interviewed Matt Good and posted the whole interview on his blog: http://www.jefferysimpson.net/ Enjoy.
  2. I think doing your own research is kind of what the documentary wants you to do. And I think it's a good thing to do anyway. It's not good to just believe everything you see.
  3. This is awesome. I just wanted everyone to appreciate it's awesomeness.
  4. I really don't mean to put down people that have blogs. Several of my friends do and I enjoy reading them, it's cool to stay up to date on what's happening. I guess I just can't picture myself writing about my boring life everyday. It's not you, it's me.
  5. I missed them when they came to Vancouver but I can't wait until they come back. Antics is one of the best albums ever!
  6. I agree that it gets kind of annoying. If people come here and want to be a prt of the community and get the songs they want as a bonus, then great. But it's annoying to constantly have new people show up, post a bunch of stupid shit to get points, and then just ask for them. Everyone that has all the songs got them somewhere. They either found them, or traded with friends. I posted for a while and got what I needed. I'm not trying to be an asshole and hoard everything to myself but it's just lazy people. Lazy is annoying.
  7. I know what they're doing! I've seen it! But the damn confidentiality agreemnet prevents me from talking. But I think it's kinda cool, what they've done.
  8. I really don't get what all the fuss is about. Actually, that goes for blogs altogether. No offence to those who have them, but I find that most people with blogs don't really have anything to say.
  9. She's not saying she's doing it, she's just saying she wants to. Urges are okay, she just can't act on them. Unless she's married. And maybe she's singing this song about her future husband when she's married. Then it's actually okay by the Christian faith.
  10. He lives in LA and Stargate shoots in Vancouver. His kid is in LA too so he actually commutes every weekend. I think after eight years of that I'd stop too.
  11. There's also the point that there are many children out there that were "accidents" and they're parents really neglect them because they never wanted them. If a gay couple wants a child, they adopt or go through some other method. In this case, they must really want the child. So between those two cases, which child would be better off? I'm thinking the one in the loving household.
  12. Spring, it's mating season bitch!
  13. They're gimmicky. And they suck a whole lot. Nothing good here, move on please.
  14. I would have politely told the guy that although I respect his right to his beleifs, he's being a narrow minded bigot who needs to be a little less concerned about two people trying to legally pronounce their love for each other and little more concerned with something that's actually a problem. Then I would have kicked him in his gigantic balls. Just kidding. I think.
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