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  1. Definitely want to thank Anton for doing this. One of the better administrators on the web. Does a great job and doesn't get near the thanks he should. Thank you Anton for 16 years. Hoping for another 16!!
  2. Lebron was big on defund the police. He just found out his brother's sister was murdered in Akron Ohio and now Lebron is calling for the police to find the murderer. While I hope I never know the pain Lebron is feeling it is unjust to use your fame to push a narrative only to do a complete 360 when you need the help. The bigger issue though isn't BLM it's the media. The media is dividing the United States. It's not Trump, not Biden, it's the media fueling the fire. If Trump were to lose I shudder to think what the media would talk about 24/7. SNL might as well just throw in the towel.
  3. He did some shows in 2002 and played a few AOB songs, not a full on album tour by any means though. He also played a couple Loser Anthem songs on the tour. We had a few of the 2002 shows up in the + section or whatever it's called on here for download though.
  4. I was listening to AOB the other day and something dawned on me. The time from that album and tour to the release of Avalanche wasn't really that long. It makes me wonder if Matt had already written some of the songs during the MGB days or if they were all done while on his 2002 tour. For the life of me I can't remember him ever coming out in an interview and describing the process.
  5. Matt announced on social media the tour is cancelled and refunds will be given out. He obviously made the right call. 2020 has been a wild year and I am hoping you are all safe and well. Possibly we could have another 1-2 garage shows as they have been incredible.
  6. foats


    we have an app hear that lets you converse with your neighbors. You can post events, sell items, neighborhood watch, all kinds of things. The post of the week has been that people are going around stealing Biden signs. It seems someone had the bright idea to go around and steal Biden signs as if the homeowners still wouldn't vote Biden. So people were debating back and forth and it turned into a shitshow as one would assume, so now the topic of concern is that someone has a sign in their yard that says "open schools now". Some people want home school 24/7, other parents need their kids to have physical interaction, some kids need the meals. I have Pakistani neighbors who are having a hard time dealing with not being able to physically go to school. I went over and helped them set up their tablets and it crushed me as the young boy had looked forward to riding the bus and going to school with his big brother for years and now he is old enough but can't. But again it goes back to no gray area. People want schools open or they want them closed, no meeting in the middle. I am curious to see if things get any better after the election. I sadly have a feeling they are going to get worse. We are having riots daily over police shooting or police being shot (again you can only support cops or BLM) imagine the riots if Biden or Trump lose! One has to lose, what then?
  7. foats


    As someone in America right now I will tell you the saddest thing is there is no more area of gray. Gray is gone. It's either you're left or you're right. Guys like me who are in the middle or dare I say Independent are screwed. To prove my point I liked a post supporting police officers (a life long friend is a State Sheriff, my cousin a State Trooper) I had 3 people of color all message me telling me I am racist. If I say something supporting the left I get the same backlash. The one thing I know about politics now is if I open my mouth I am going to offend 50% of the people who read my post and that to me is infuriatingly sad. No more Gray areas.
  8. foats

    Covid Testing

    Thank you Anton, Glad to get some good news!
  9. foats

    Covid Testing

    Tested Negative!!! But damn was that uncomfortable.
  10. foats

    Covid Testing

    thank you Daniel for the heads up. I have a feeling my eyes will water like crazy. I will let you guys know how it goes.
  11. Received an email today that someone in the MMA dojo tested positive for Covid. I am going in tomorrow am for my test. We have a place here where they come to your car and you get same day results. Has anyone had the nasal testing? Not particularly looking forward to it.
  12. Awesome show, Protest Song , Police Cars, and Fated were the highlights for me. Beautiful song.
  13. Everyone ready for tonight? #flashdanceIIorbust #inescapableus
  14. where are you located William? Things here in the US are nuts. You have to either love Trump or love Biden. No room for guys like me he can't stand either. You have to be chocolate or vanilla, no room for strawberry. Pretty shitty to say the least. At least we have football tonight though!!
  15. He hasn't played it since 2001. I have a live version somewhere of the song actually that was taken from Napster back in the day. No clue what hard drive it's on but I would love to hear it again if anyone else snagged it off of Napster back in the day. Inescapable US would be another great song to hear!
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