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  1. i was there too! At the ECC Flickenger Center. Fingertight opened for both bands. I met Jared Leto before the show. Also chatted with Raine and Jeremy as well as all of Fingertight. I went out and bought the Fingertight album after the show. I was working for FYE at the time.
  2. From the comments I gathered the person was bullied on social media. I just don't like the way Hayley presents herself. I'm sure this post will get it's share of downvotes but at this point I honestly could care less. This is an MG fan site (or was last I knew). I think the allegations would hold more weight if it came from someone who didn't seen like they were in it for the money. Hayley flaunting her onlyfans and her body are 80% of her IG. The other 20% is trying to ruin Matt and his career. I feel that if something were going to happen it would have by now. Would it be good to hear from Matt? Sure. But why give her more ammo to go off of? He's damned if does damned if he doesn't. It is sad that someone took their own life. But to put the blame on Matt is not fair either.
  3. This is exactly my thought. But again the fact he was dropped from his label is complete and utter bullshit. If your significant other cheated on you would she be fired for it? Think about it. What makes a musician different than say a software developer, a customer service agent? The fact that they are in the public eye. Otherwise there is no difference. Matt should not have been dropped from the label especially while Hayley flaunts herself and is doing everything in her power to trash his reputation and name.
  4. This should blow over I would think. I cannot speak for any of the accusers but I will say the pattern of Hayley's actions are vindictive. The posts release where she was texting with Matt's ex are damning. She seems like she wanted attention and she got it. Now having an Only Fans acct. Come on! She was cheated on and wanted to end Matt's career. Think about it rationally. Would this garner media attention if Matt wasn't a famous musician? No it wouldn't. People are cheated on every day. Hell it's probably happened to all of us am I right? If it were any worse than cheating we would have known by now. Matt was me too'd and it sucks. Any "emotional abuse" Matt may have caused must not have been bad if the girl is selling pics of herself for money and attention. Don't get me wrong. A girl can do what she wants with her body it is her right. But her actions don't add up. Matt can release music without her and it would sell extremely well. He could announce a show in Vancouver for tomorrow and it would likely sell out. Hayley needs Matt more than Matt needs Hayley.
  5. I would gladly love your MG merch. I would pay for shipping too. Just let me know.
  6. hopefully Tribus sees the light of day. Considering he shut down his IG and basically his site. Really want to hear some new music and get a proper tour for Moving Walls as well.
  7. Very nice write up Daniel and am glad to see others responding on this as well. I had the headache after the 2nd shot. I was extremely tired the whole day and like a fool decided to go in to my office to do some work. My main office is 5 mins from my house so I drove home for lunch and had 3 cups of coffee to try and stay awake. I got back to work and had the pounding headache. One of my acct managers gave me some pills and I was able to finish up the day. I went home and instantly fell asleep. I have a friend I've known since I was born. He's my parents age and we went with his friend and his friends wife to see Seinfeld a few yrs ago. Just found out today his friends wife has Covid and has been very sick. She was just about to get her 2nd vaccine when she got sick. I have a friend who consults with neuro surgeons. Basically sits in on brain surgery. She told me flat out that with the data it would be better to be get the vaccine than to not get it at this point. I work with many people in India and to see what is happening there is an absolute shame. I see we are going to have concerts back by Summer and fall and I am curious how things will go. I know Super Bowl and Wrestlemania seemed to go off without trouble. UFC had an indoor event that also went off without being deemed a "super spreader" so maybe it can be done safely. One thing that brings me stress and worry is something the nurse said to me prior to my 2nd shot. I asked about being protected from the mutated versions and she said "yes" How can we be protected from something unseen? Something that we don't know what it will contain or look like? That's my biggest worry. Will we still need to mask up and get shots every 6 months? Something else to seriously consider and I mean really think about is this. We had this deadly virus for a year and globally/internationally we came up with a vaccine within a year. So how come 30+ yrs and none for AIDS, or Cancer? Is it really all about money? Does Mexico really have the cure for Cancer? I think we are left with more questions than answers. Hopefully we get the answers sooner than later.
  8. I am now fully vaccinated. Haven't been radiating 5G off my body, nor do I feel or look like a zombie. The 2nd shot did make me feel like I drank a bottle of Nyquil but it was worth it. Hoping everyone is keeping safe.
  9. Sharon's post makes sense. My question to the others, Why come to a MG fanbase to bash the guy? I've never heard of Hayley before this and now I have. Will I listen to her music? probably not. What Matt did is wrong I'm not defending it. But when 50% of your posts are bashing Matt and the other 50% are nude/semi nude photos you have to wonder. The other girls who came out against him told their story and support was there. They didn't continue to repeatedly go after the guy. This kind of thing happens so often here in the US hell women do it to men as well. Happened to a guy I worked with, could be happening to a neighbor. The point is most people don't air their dirty laundry for the world to see. If Matt wasn't a public figure would anyone know or care?? Feel free to flame away.
  10. Not going to say that Hayley's story is false but I've noticed a pattern. She will make a lengthy post to support women's rights only to follow it up with a nude or semi nude photo of herself right after. It's her page and she can do what she pleases but what is the end game? Expose Matt or draw more horny males to her IG page? Maybe both? She damaged him time to move on like adults. The guy lost both parents, couldn't perform live due to Covid, and god knows what else. Let bygones be bygones. I feel like she enjoys the fame and attention. Wants to be a hero to girls (which is all well and good) but the more vindictive she comes across she is only going to be known as "the lady who exposed Matt Good"
  11. If you haven't checkout out the IG, Matt mentioned that he "quit music" Hopefully it's just temporary and he comes back with the full album but it doesn't sound good.
  12. Curious how this is working in Canada currently. I received a text from my boss that they were giving out vaccines at the Dick's Sporting Good's headquarters. I signed up Tuesday and got the first shot yesterday. The nurse told me they did 4000 shots yesterday. Kind of nervous based off of media and hear say but my dad is getting open heart surgery in 2 weeks and I wanted to see him when he is home resting. I figured if I get fully vaccinated it would lower his risk. My arm was a bit sore after a couple hours but no sickness or anything else and I went right back to the office after. Interested to hear your opinions on the vaccines and whether you would or are getting the shots.
  13. Hayley posted something from a 2019 email where he used the same quote. I think the email was 2019 could be wrong. I feel bad for all involved. I feel bad for the kids who will see all of this online if they haven't already. I feel bad for Hayley and the girls because they obviously feel as if they were wronged by Matt. I feel bad for Matt because he's damned if he speaks out and he's damned if he doesn't. Lastly I feel bad for all of us. Whether we choose to say it or not, Matt has been a hero/inspiration to all of us. We all have bonded due to the music he created whether it be solo or as a band. We are hurt too. Just a bad all around situation. But I'm still here. If Matt needed someone to talk to for help I'd be here. If any of you wanted to talk I'd be here. When you think about all of the shit going on in the world right now the least we could do is be there for each other. Be it here or in our neighborhoods.
  14. Yeah, i do have this recording. I believe the guy who proposed was named Ben. There was no song called Chinese Water Torture though. Weird. Also, I wouldn't consider Indestructible to be an emo song either.
  15. pretty sure I have the bootleg from this show and no such song was played. No clue what they could have been referencing either.
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