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  1. I would love to get you in there Mark. We have a good collection in there and I would always be open to uploading any specifics that you are interested in. I would recommend posting in some of the other threads, video game, reading, etc and the posts will build. If I can help I will be happy to.
  2. Normally I would advise you to do 50 quality posts on this site but today I shall do the unprecedented and suggest Anton open borders for all to the + section of this site. #openbordersforall
  3. So I am home for the time being and figured maybe many of you are as well. I am going to try and cheer the bored up by throwing out a ton of live MG/MGB shows over in the + section of this site. I will be popping up a handful of shows each night for the next week or 2 maybe longer. If either Matt or Anton have an issue please let me know, otherwise be prepared for a primetime deliverance of live MG starting tonight!!!
  4. Believe all Canada shows are full band and the US are solo acoustic. Hope this helps.
  5. Pearl Jam already did cancel the tour. Hoping Matt is healthy, hope you get well soon Tony, and hope all of you stay safe and well.
  6. this is going to sound insane, but what about the idea of everyone pitching it $$$ and creating a "Dream setlist" maybe 15-18 songs acoustic, we send Matt the money and he video's himself playing the songs. We would all win!!! Flashdance II re-worked acousticly? Could it happen?
  7. I believe Matt performed Dreading It from the bar while drinking a shot (per his Instagram) There are a few vids from the 2nd show on You Tube currently. Sets look great. Very heavy on the new album.
  8. Matt's father passed away last night. Matt announced that he intends to go on with the tour. Much respect to Matt and my thoughts and prayers go out to Matt and his family.
  9. Figured with the tour kicking off I would make a thread to discuss shows/setlists/etc. Anyone going to the show tonight?
  10. I am amazed by how this album has grown on me. I listen to it while traveling (either by air or car lately) and when I first heard Sicily it didn't hit me. Now the song is one I play on repeat. It's a testament to Matt's work. I can't wait to hear these songs live and really am curious to hear which songs will be played the most off of this album. I can see Radicals, Sicily, and SYMH all getting lots of play. Looking forward to another great tour. Stay healthy Bored and Matt!!
  11. I do think Arrows has a good flow to it. It's honestly top 3 of his solo releases for me.
  12. I want to publicly apologize to you. When you made the comment about Matt's song I thought you were one of the trolls who comes on here once every album is released to trash the album and not post again until the next release. You actually seem like a good guy. Hope you are here on the Bored to stay. I am glad I was wrong.
  13. so listen to the song and judge it off of your ears. If you own the album awesome, play it and let us know your thoughts. If you don't own the album yet, play the song on youtube it's on Matt's official channel and takes maybe 5 mins to hear.
  14. baiser au large troll That's how the French song is.
  15. If you guys know me you will know I won't ask for much. I am begging and pleading that we get the hear One of Them Years in Buffalo. The song is magic and would make a hell of a single.
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