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  1. I would gladly love your MG merch. I would pay for shipping too. Just let me know.
  2. hopefully Tribus sees the light of day. Considering he shut down his IG and basically his site. Really want to hear some new music and get a proper tour for Moving Walls as well.
  3. Very nice write up Daniel and am glad to see others responding on this as well. I had the headache after the 2nd shot. I was extremely tired the whole day and like a fool decided to go in to my office to do some work. My main office is 5 mins from my house so I drove home for lunch and had 3 cups of coffee to try and stay awake. I got back to work and had the pounding headache. One of my acct managers gave me some pills and I was able to finish up the day. I went home and instantly fell asleep. I have a friend I've known since I was born. He's my parents age and we went with his f
  4. I am now fully vaccinated. Haven't been radiating 5G off my body, nor do I feel or look like a zombie. The 2nd shot did make me feel like I drank a bottle of Nyquil but it was worth it. Hoping everyone is keeping safe.
  5. Sharon's post makes sense. My question to the others, Why come to a MG fanbase to bash the guy? I've never heard of Hayley before this and now I have. Will I listen to her music? probably not. What Matt did is wrong I'm not defending it. But when 50% of your posts are bashing Matt and the other 50% are nude/semi nude photos you have to wonder. The other girls who came out against him told their story and support was there. They didn't continue to repeatedly go after the guy. This kind of thing happens so often here in the US hell women do it to men as well. Happene
  6. Not going to say that Hayley's story is false but I've noticed a pattern. She will make a lengthy post to support women's rights only to follow it up with a nude or semi nude photo of herself right after. It's her page and she can do what she pleases but what is the end game? Expose Matt or draw more horny males to her IG page? Maybe both? She damaged him time to move on like adults. The guy lost both parents, couldn't perform live due to Covid, and god knows what else. Let bygones be bygones. I feel like she enjoys the fame and attention. Wants to be a hero to girls (which is all w
  7. If you haven't checkout out the IG, Matt mentioned that he "quit music" Hopefully it's just temporary and he comes back with the full album but it doesn't sound good.
  8. Curious how this is working in Canada currently. I received a text from my boss that they were giving out vaccines at the Dick's Sporting Good's headquarters. I signed up Tuesday and got the first shot yesterday. The nurse told me they did 4000 shots yesterday. Kind of nervous based off of media and hear say but my dad is getting open heart surgery in 2 weeks and I wanted to see him when he is home resting. I figured if I get fully vaccinated it would lower his risk. My arm was a bit sore after a couple hours but no sickness or anything else and I went right back to the office after.
  9. Hayley posted something from a 2019 email where he used the same quote. I think the email was 2019 could be wrong. I feel bad for all involved. I feel bad for the kids who will see all of this online if they haven't already. I feel bad for Hayley and the girls because they obviously feel as if they were wronged by Matt. I feel bad for Matt because he's damned if he speaks out and he's damned if he doesn't. Lastly I feel bad for all of us. Whether we choose to say it or not, Matt has been a hero/inspiration to all of us. We all have bonded due to the music he created whether it be solo or
  10. Yeah, i do have this recording. I believe the guy who proposed was named Ben. There was no song called Chinese Water Torture though. Weird. Also, I wouldn't consider Indestructible to be an emo song either.
  11. pretty sure I have the bootleg from this show and no such song was played. No clue what they could have been referencing either.
  12. $2000 is a lot of money to pay to have something removed off of a site. Especially when (if not true) He could have went to them on his own and threatened to sue for slander or libel if not taken down. Pretty shitty scenario for all involved there.
  13. I see your point but the people who I don't like personally know I don't like them personally. We have a guy in our office that is a fucking snake. He tries stealing people's jobs and is universally not liked. He tried his shit with me once and I let it go as I was new. He tried it a second time and I called him out. He tried it again and I blocked his number and told my boss I refuse to work with the guy. We are now on different teams. I use that example as it is nothing even remotely close to what Hayley and these other girls allege happened to them. 20+ girls all waiting for
  14. The more I think about it I really would like to know Hayley's endgame here. She said she loved Matt's kids as if they were hers. Well going after their dad relentlessly isn't really putting their safety first. I am not saying I approve of what happened with her and the other alleged girls but what is the real end game here? His label and management team dropped him, she's reached out to media to essentially ruin his life but what else does she want? His ex already publicly called this a witch hunt. The more I see and hear the more it appears she is correct. I fully understand that women c
  15. I am sorry you dealt with all of that. Most of you know, some might not, I am in the US and years and years ago paid a great deal of $$ for at the time rare MGB concerts. I loved the band and Matt. I've been lucky to enough to see Matt twice in rooms of 30 ppl and maybe 15. One was full band one was acoustic. I've met him a few times and he has always been great with me. The sad thing about this is there is no happy ending. One one hand Matt is extremely lucky that he didn't catch the rage of a jealous boyfriend or husband. On the other hand, Karma is real and one day his kid
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