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  1. another huge tour debut last night. True Love Will Find You In The End
  2. Glad that you guys are getting incredible sets and shows!! The turnaround on recordings has been amazing as well. Love the surprises that have been played so far and wanted to chime in on some that I would like to hear (and feel strong he will play) Life beyond Avalanche I miss New Wave In a dream world I would wish for Flashdance, Born to Kill, and RFH. We are lucky to have a great community of tapers that allow us to hear shows from each phase of the tour. I eagerly anticipate what Matt will come out with next!
  3. Nanaimo is my absolute dream setlist for an acoustic MG show!!
  4. would love to know if he would ever take the solo acoustic show to the US even if it''s just Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, etc
  5. thank you for the recording, show sounded beautiful. I really don't think SWW will ever not sound great live. I used to always prefer full band to acoustic but I am starting to sway. Something magical happens when it's just Matt, a mic, and a guitar. Thank you to the tapers who allow us in the US to hear.
  6. I would maybe also ask him any plans to release an official live cd/cd's or dvd. Inquiring minds gots to know!!
  7. I agree with Adam with Underdogs. I would love to hear it but deep down my heart is with AOB and Arrows. Probably won't happen but if it did I would be heading up North in a heartbeat
  8. I think Volcanoes would sound good re-worked.
  9. did something happen at the show last night? Setlist.fm shows 7 songs including encore. Seems extremely short. Did Matt cut out to go see Kiss? Just kidding of course
  10. I believe audio. I am almost positive someone posted this years ago when it aired. I almost swear they did. I know for certain I have the November 2013 Calgary shows. I find it weird I would have those but not this one.
  11. 8-15-2013, Load me up, Weapon, Had it Coming I will look for this tonight, if I have it I will post it in the gifts thread.
  12. I may have this, do you know the date?
  13. They had a great live show, the studio stuff is good too.
  14. Having the option to attend a number of shows on 1 tour is a nice problem to have. Especially considering we in the States may never see him live here again. Still hoping for a Buffalo or Pittsburgh date but wouldn't fault him for not playing either place.
  15. were you there also? I met a few people by Matt's bus and mentioned this site to them. I believe one of the guys was from Westfield NY.
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