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  1. I see your point but the people who I don't like personally know I don't like them personally. We have a guy in our office that is a fucking snake. He tries stealing people's jobs and is universally not liked. He tried his shit with me once and I let it go as I was new. He tried it a second time and I called him out. He tried it again and I blocked his number and told my boss I refuse to work with the guy. We are now on different teams. I use that example as it is nothing even remotely close to what Hayley and these other girls allege happened to them. 20+ girls all waiting for
  2. The more I think about it I really would like to know Hayley's endgame here. She said she loved Matt's kids as if they were hers. Well going after their dad relentlessly isn't really putting their safety first. I am not saying I approve of what happened with her and the other alleged girls but what is the real end game here? His label and management team dropped him, she's reached out to media to essentially ruin his life but what else does she want? His ex already publicly called this a witch hunt. The more I see and hear the more it appears she is correct. I fully understand that women c
  3. I am sorry you dealt with all of that. Most of you know, some might not, I am in the US and years and years ago paid a great deal of $$ for at the time rare MGB concerts. I loved the band and Matt. I've been lucky to enough to see Matt twice in rooms of 30 ppl and maybe 15. One was full band one was acoustic. I've met him a few times and he has always been great with me. The sad thing about this is there is no happy ending. One one hand Matt is extremely lucky that he didn't catch the rage of a jealous boyfriend or husband. On the other hand, Karma is real and one day his kid
  4. I hate to bring up old memories but how did your ex even get in contact with Matt to meet with him so often? Not sure Canada's age of consent but most US states have it at 18.
  5. I know it's not the same and it's definitely not the key part. The key part was another person coming forward. All the stories sound the same. Could there be truth to them? Possibly. I'd still feel more comfortable hearing Matt's side
  6. So, I just saw Hayley's newest IG story which was a post from someone else. The person "claims" that Matt gave her HPV. Now this is a pretty damning claim and if true and he did give her this and is knowing sleeping with many others it could be huge. (google Nushawn Williams) Now do I personally think Matt gave anyone HPV knowingly? No I so not. But this claim and the one from the girl claiming to be 17 (under age) are pretty damning and would likely do the most damage.
  7. Matt was commenting on some of Dave's IG posts and vise versa. I know Geoff and Rich are sadly no longer with us but we can still have Matt, Ian, and Dave.
  8. this year would be 20 yrs since the album release and breakup of MGB. Would love to see either a reunion tour covering this whole album and a few of the bands other cuts if Covid allows for it.
  9. once you have the posts it will show up under the music in general section. it will say N+ Lounge
  10. once you hit a certain number of posts the link appears. You can't see it til you hit that number. It's been so long I forgot how many posts you need.
  11. There are a shit load of Demo's and full live shows in the + Section. Not sure how many posts you need to gain access there. Are you Kazie from Pittsburgh?
  12. Not only that but I saw he also worked with Gob. Guy is definitely talented and a very genuine person. Glad to have met him through the Bored.
  13. Thank you for all you do! Happy New Year to you as well Anton!
  14. Looks like I know what show I'l be adding to the 12 days audio today )
  15. did you ever learn Non Populus on guitar?
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