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  1. can anyone help me with this program please? thanks
  2. hi all, just wondering if any of you can please help me out. say you've written a song with chords and all, is there any program that you can put the lyrics under the staff and chords above the staff and add notation to it to make it look as real as possible (although you'd print this via your computer) as if you'd bought this sheet music. does that make sense? I wrote a song. Chords. Notation and all. Now instead of having it in front of me or written out on paper I'd like to have it printed out on actual score sheets ie. staff etc... Which program is good for that? No tab. Chords above the measures and notes in the staff. thanks i'm willing to call someone to have help over phone i'll pay long distance if anyone is willing. please, i really need help.
  3. don't ask me what i was thinking that day. might been out of it. but yes i should have said Under The Influence. I had a recording of it but i can't find it. if i can find my cd with his live stuff i'll send it over.
  4. oh boy i would have loved to fed this ditz to the wolves. i was almost ready to raise my voice and call her on half the shit she was saying and ask her to stand up and tell Matt what she's saying. hitting is not good. but sometimes needed. like that time. i also don't condone hitting etc...
  5. correct, so next time, please do us all a favour, and SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!
  6. see but when they're right beside you its distracting and annoying. and if i'd asked her to shut her mouth it would have led to other things amongst her going on and on, on some stupid fit about how she has the right to say what she wants, when she wants etc...
  7. i believe those are lyrics for the extended Live Version of HOSAM
  8. if i get there late at an open venue i just stand where i can and enjoy the show. i've been front row but now don't have the time to go super early. either way i mind my business in my spot and enjoy it. i watch and listen. clap and laugh.
  9. i think this ditz was drinking vodka water. idiot. SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! I mean if you're only tagging along, don't come then. And its funny how she was saying how Matt has lack of respect yet she's the one running her mouth in a crowd of silent people.
  10. i agree. how about more income tax breaks or something else. you know that its only going to last for as long as another party has to raise it back up.
  11. they serve beer its just you can't bring into the concert hall or seating area. unless its a club where I saw him in London, that its a different story and constant chatter that i just wanted to take a bat and spin in circles.
  12. yes I was near that guy. I was in row J. that guy was a moron. I mean maybe once okay, but its not funny. you're a guy. matt's straight. you're a homo. (not that there is anything wrong with that - but you know what i mean) SHUT UP!!!
  13. yes does anyone have a recording of Boy Come Home. please.
  14. Okay after having been to several shows I am going to rant. Now this may piss people off, it may even get me warned or what not, and I apologize in advance but I got to clear this and I'm going to say what I'm sure other have thought. Others can feel free to add what they like or wish. Two different fans below. Hi my name is blond bimbo or missy smarty pants and I've come to the Matt Good show with my boyfriend who's a huge fan. I've had a few vodka waters and now matt's talking about capital punishment. i think it'd be a great idea to go on a rant about how matt is a poor representative of canada b/c he doesn't agree with capital punishment and that its just so stupid what he thinks and that I think i should be as loud as possible, even when my boyfriend is clearly trying to calm me down. I mean isn't this what the matt good show is for. to argue with him. he's seriously not going to try and start a debate about this. you see why he's an asshole. look at him up there going on about this. what a retard. this is making me mad. pissing me right off. ... Listen you retard, SHUT THE F*CK UP!!! I paid for my ticket and you probably didn't. Well maybe you did to, but please have some consideration for other people and those of us that are at the show just for his music. I may not agree with some of Matt's view, or even if agree with all of them, I either clap or not clap, I won't start ranting on about "is he going to turn this into a debate now, what an idiot" and crap like that. I came to the show to listen to his MUSIC and that's it. If he talks between songs, GREAT, if not, I don't care, so long as he plays awesome music. Its people like you that ruin it for people like myself who want to listen to him play Boy Come Home in silence and not hear you arguing and going on and on about something no one wants to hear at that point in time. If you have that serious an issue with Matt, e-mail him, tell him he's a poor representation of Canada and go on and on about him and explain your view of capital punishment and see if he answers back. But quite frankly, I don't want to hear it. I came for the music, not his views. ... Hi my name is tag-a-long and i'm just here because someone said i should come. I'm going to talk throughout most of the show and I really don't care. I going to get up and out of my seat most of the show, advertise where I'm going, come back, advertise where I've been and then just talk. Along with the talking I'm going to do some text messaging and talk about who I'm text messaging and what others are doing and what's happening tonight. SHUTT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!! WE DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what, please, if anyone ever brings someone like this,please tell them to be quiet out of courtesy of others. Cheers Have a good day everyone.
  15. what a sick version. my fave. part of the night. this song alone to me was worth the price of admission.
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