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  1. Do any of you guys remember that little one minute teaser Matt put up on his Myspace page before any of the Vancouver demos? An electronic drum set was used in it, and it featured piano and guitar. Fully instrumental of course. I was just wondering if he mentioned anything about it after he posted it. I recently found it, expecting some kind of correlation to the new record, but there is none. Just some curiosity I suppose.
  2. I've never heard this one live before, and it's absolutely amazing! I previously heard the acoustic rendition that he had posted on his website, but this version just blows the socks off of that! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH3sx8WKpBg&NR=1 Sorry, I have no idea how to embed the video.
  3. I definitely agree with what you are saying. I thought that the bass was lacking because of the low quality stream that was on his website, but once I actually purchased the CD and listened to it at home, it sounded like the bass wasn't all there. Even on decent headphones you can tell that the bass isn't as prominent on this CD as it was on his previous works and the works of others. Maybe it's because he was looking for the strings to be more prominent on this record, but Beautiful Midnight has pretty strong bass throughout it entirety. I dunno.
  4. This is a great site for high definition wallpapers. Check it out: http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/index.php?sort=date
  5. Would it be possible for someone to send me those files as well? It would be greatly appreciated!
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