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  1. Well... I'm an idiot haha. I think my mind just focused on "meet and greet" and $120 and didn't notice anything else. Amazing deal but a slightly intimidating price at the same time. Wonder how many people will spring for it. Thanks for answering my (now quite obviously) stupid question!
  2. VIP ticket question: does anyone know whether or not the seats are together if you get a few VIP tickets in one purchase? I'm convincing a friend to get the VIP tickets with me but she won't do it unless we know we'll be sitting together. It says they can't guarantee where the seats will be, just wondering if anyone's gotten theirs in the mail. Thanks!
  3. yup, he came out and played in Kitchener last night
  4. Actually it was an older guy that said it I think. The guy you found just made a twitter remark that Matt noticed.
  5. Matt was rambling a bit on stage, as he usually will do, and some guy in about the 10th row yelled "shut the fuck up!" Matt then said something to the effect of, "Really dude? Shut the fuck up? That's what I love, ballsy people sitting in the crowd. How bout you do yourself a favor, walk out those fucking doors. Then go to the fucking box office and get your money back. If I had my wallet I'd pay you myself" He left, and Matt later said he apparently did get his money back. I was quite happy when Matt tore the "fan" up. Other than that the crowd was pretty good. Matt invited a coup
  6. Kitchener Setlist: So Long Mrs. Smith On Nights Like Tonight The Boy Who Could Explode Load Me Up Great Whales of the Sea Volcanoes The Future is X Rated rant (Matt told a guy in the crowd to "fuck right off" and leave... more on that later) Born Losers Us Remains Impossible Last Parade Weapon Apparitions Encore: Silent Army in the Trees Black Helicopter Empty's Theme Park
  7. Good eye. I was sitting in the first balcony about 2nd row if I remember correctly. My memory card ran out of space right as he ended the song, I was getting a little nervous as he kept singing "if I'm fated..." lol. I would love it if that acoustic show ever got released, I'm excited after listening to bootlegs and watching bits of other videos I was able to get. Fated stole the show, for sure.
  8. I saw the videos on Much (every one since Apparitions), back when I was a kid and actually watched Much. But I didn't get into MG/B until I got In a Coma for my cousin. We watched a few of the music videos on the dvd and he burned me the 1st disc of the set. Then I went out and got Avalanche. I was hooked.
  9. It's up for 24 hours. http://www.matthewgood.org/2009/06/the-van...anthem-preview/ Sounds pretty good to me, how about everyone else?
  10. You hit the nail on the head, but that's not to say that if a song's "blastable" it's lacking depth. Like here is no way just said, it really is to each their own with this thread. I started this thread to see what everyone thought, I'm still waiting for someone to say they love blasting acoustic stuff.
  11. I was driving around this afternoon and found myself cranking Put Out Your Lights and Alert Status Red.
  12. With nicer weather coming soon, I just wanted to see what Matt Good songs everyone regards as "summer songs". The kind of song you'll turn up and listen to while driving around. Stuff like House of Smoke and Mirrors, although it's great, doesn't apply. Born Losers seems like a summer song to me, partly because that's when I started listening to it. Any thoughts? Bit of a stupid thread but whatever lol.
  13. I did a similar assignment and used Blue Skies Over Bad Lands, but there are lots of MG/B songs to choose from. Good luck with the assignment.
  14. I made a video for Avalanche from Massey Hall. It's my video from the concert with the audio from the CD synced up to it. Hopefully it worked out ok lol
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