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  1. I'm loving the early release of the iTunes preorder! Thought i'd have to wait till morning, its sounding amazing.
  2. Just finished up listening, the host finished the interview with asking Matt three albums from the 90s everyone should own, he said too hard to pick just three, but these are the ones he stated: Trompe le Monde - The Pixies Black Wigs - The Afghan Whigs Ok Computer - Radiohead he mentioned The Bends too.
  3. I just got a free ten dollar itunes card from Shoppers. I know what i'll be preording, free of charge.
  4. julianzz

    A Game

    I'd pay 12.99 at HMV for a cd that loops I Miss New Wave 14 times.
  5. In all honesty I'm not liking what I'm hearing so far. Last Parade, Silent Army and National Anthem... there all sounding over processed, repetitive boring drums, average lead guitars layered on top... I'd rather pay for the demos so far. Volcanoes and Empty's Theme Park better have kept their amazing-ness and not lost it to rock beats and lead riffs.
  6. hello time bomb [part 2]
  7. I love the cover for Hail to the thief. A few good ones of the top of my head, In Rainbows - Radiohead Parc Avenue - Plants and Animals Merriweather Post Pavillion - Animal Collective Years (By One Thousand Fingertips) - Attack In Black The Eraser - Thom York And All of Broken Social Scenes and Okkervil River's catalogues deserve an honorable mention, there all great.
  8. A horrible remix. Goes something like You spin me rights round, rights round when you go downtown. Followed by annoying hip hop beats.
  9. This song plays all the time at my work, and hell do I hate it. Not to mention I did not picture them to look as they do. I nominate the remix for Dead or Alive's Your Spin Me Round
  10. For those of you wanting to contribute and wondering how to record... If you have a PC download Audacity here: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/ It's free recording software thats extremely easy to use. You can record via a microphone, built in microphone in your laptop or line in. And if you have a mac, I'm sure your well aware you have garageband on your harddrive. If you haven't used it before, give it a shot, really simple and gives amazing results after some practice with it.
  11. What ever happened to that mgt.cityaftersix website or whatever? I contributed Prime Time Deliverance to that tribute cd, and that was well over a year ago, it has still yet to be completed... VTSV, i'm sure you could find a beautiful midnight track or two on there already completed
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