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  1. I haven't seen it either. My only worry with a 50-50 war/love story split is that I won't get into one or the other. I am worried I will leave thinking that they should have went 75/25 in either direction.
  2. Jurassic Park.........for the first time? I watched Into the Wild last night. I haven't been that affected by a movie in a long time.
  3. It seems there is more and more talk about facebook. It seems ok for certain things but dumb for others. What is the general consensus?
  4. I have never even thought about it. I guess I should start because it sounds really crappy.
  5. Not too bad. They sound like someone, but it wasn't who you mentioned. Let me think on that one.
  6. No love at all eh? I am a bit surprised, but no worries. Everytime I see them in Montreal there are hundreds to people there. Wierd. I agree though that this album is a bit weak.
  7. Hey, I have heard Matt say in the past that he was influenced by Talk Talk. I got some of their stuff, but I am not hearing anything great. Can someone suggest some good songs or is it just one of those Elvis Costello to punk bands things where you needed to live it at the time for it to make sense?
  8. I listened to that album yesterday. This dude has come along way. The only complaint I have is that is songs are too similar. I would buy it though.
  9. I have to agree. I like the song. It reminds me of the simpler days when he wrote rock songs. I enjoyed the video too.
  10. I sturggled with this for a while. I can finally say I like it better than Beautiful Midnight.
  11. Last time I saw Matt he mentioned about 5 times how much he loved I'm A Window. I think it will be that. Moon Over Marin is an excellent choice too. Odette is the only song I don't care for.
  12. After listening to the tone of Hosptial Music and remember that story from the last book (about Jenni), I would eat that up.
  13. Hey, Say it is your birthday. And you are dying. And you win a contest and for some reason Matt Good agrees. You get to pick a set list for his show (full band). What album would the majority of songs be from?
  14. Hey, There seems to be a bunch of really connected people on this website. I was just wondering about an Ottawa date for the latest full band tour? i am sure everyone is excited about the full band part of it and am just wondering if I should start looking into Montreal tickets or not? I am kinda hopin' that he is going to play Bluesfest since that falls around the Montreal/Toronto dates, but I wasn't sure so I thought I would ask.
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