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  1. Just wondered if all know "this will destroy you" considering the regularly mentioning of EITS here. They really pushed the boundaries in terms of post rock with their release of "young mountain" in 2006 when asking me... Check the first two songs https://www.amazon.com/gp/dmusic/device/mp3/store/album/B000QQZUH6?tag=nearfantasc02-20&ie=UTF8#album/B000QQZUH6
  2. For me this would be "we are a place". The mood, that captivating melody and that crescendo like development in the song. Liked it even better as acoustic demo which came out first which was just named mysong2 or so.
  3. Both would be awesome. Appreciate your help!
  4. Good day to all of you. I am new (at least writing) to this forum and just recently introduced me at the bottom side of the bored. So, well, reason why I am posting here is because I am a fucking lazy bum and while I enormously enjoyed hearing all the liveroad entries, I never cared to download these. Clever one! Just wanted to take the opportunity to ask, if some nice person, which was a little bit more foreseeing than me, could probably help me out? The version of "While We Were Hunting Rabbits" was downright insane and it would be a shame if I could never listen to it again... Help appreciated! Bye bye from Aix-la-chapelle
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