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  1. giant, time bomb, load me up, strange days and future is x-rated are played as they are on the recordings. i think only suburbia, let's get it on, i miss new wave are played as they are "reimagined" born to kill is a hybrid of the original and new version. everything else are transposed to lower keys but otherwise sound like the originals.
  2. dumb question but were the audio samples from the album played? i imagine the intro to Giant would be, but phone sex from Future is X-Rated and clock ticks on Time Bomb?
  3. I don't have the setlist info on hand but what about the Avalanche tour? Most of the setlists from that era were dominated by WLRR and Avalanche songs and on the next tour, a good majority of the latter was gone not to be played again.
  4. Dumb question but does anyone know where I can find resale tickets for the Vancouver shows? Looks like the Saturday show sold out...
  5. It's really interesting to hear some of the comments regarding song arrangement in hindsight of "I Miss New Wave." I wonder what songs Dave and Matt would agree on re: overproduction? It's fascinating.
  6. The indie version of LOTGA is definitely on Discogs, i think there's a copy for sale right now.
  7. There's another copy of this on eBay right now if people are still looking.
  8. does anyone know if Matt played bass on the new recordings?
  9. Suburbia has got a more '80s pop-rock vibe to it. Cool!
  10. It'd be neat if they went with era-appropriate tracks too if they're going full nostalgia bent but I get that would be asking a LOT. It already seems like they have their hands full with learning an album's worth of material. Also for those salivating at the thought of hearing BM stuff, here's a recent-ish video upload.
  11. Another tour on the horizon, another chance for Rico to make a long-awaited return. Am i right or am I right??
  12. Has Dave ever said anything about Matt or his time in the band since he left? I don't think any of them, bar for Geoff, have done any interviews or said anything online but I'm curious.
  13. This was to be expected after a blog entry he posted ages ago about demoing the album, where he mentioned wanting to write songs that could be done in eight tracks or less, to strip things down after LOES. Although reading this and his mention about it being more alt-rock, it'll be interesting to hear how it sounds. MGB-esque? Vancouver/WLRRR throwback? Or something different? It'll be a cool listen.
  14. this is a big bump (yeah i know). don't know who pete is, but this is from one of the edgefest shows right? i assumed pete was either part of the whole stunt thing or wahtever crazy shit was going on at that show, or just a tech.
  15. Bit of a bump but I wanted to ask: is the demand (or I should say, interest) in a MGB reunion based primarily on late 90s/early 00s nostalgia + the whole 'everyone else is doing it' and the interest in seeing Matt play with Ian and Rich again or is it really rooted in the interest in seeing Matt play some pre-Avalanche tunes? I mean, starting around '08, his full band setlists have been pretty much based on his solo material (with a few tracks from Underdogs/BM for good measure), and people seem to go nuts every time he pulls out a rarity (Rabbits and Omen, for instance). Could that really
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