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  1. they music isnt bad, but they seemes destined to be ties to 'popular' and one hit wonders. the new sutff soudns the same..
  2. moon over marin, matts cover was great..
  3. your right, it would be to short of time to actually record or steal the song somehow, but rather than taking the whole song down at leat leave a 30 second example, so that those who dont check the website everyday, can listen to it...my thoughts anyways...
  4. the fine art of falling apart, and i, throw away..did the same thing in class, and those two were my choices.
  5. franky132

    Old Demos

    dancing invisible is the best one of them all....and ocean.
  6. its so true to the comment, that matts voice is the same as the cd, no computer or lipsincking. matts great.
  7. is there anyway that they will be uploaded, cause i havent heard the new ones, and i feel dumb, not knowing what everyone is talking about. on NF store or on youtube?
  8. franky132

    Bad Pennies

    i wish matt would leave the song on longer, for those of us that dont check his website...anyways im surprised the song hasnt been uploaded to the NF store?
  9. isnt there a way to rip the song of youtube? im surprised the song wouldnt be in the NF store.
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