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  1. When the album first came out, I was having some personal anxiety issues and was having a hard time listening to the album just due to it’s tone. Over the past few days, I’ve been loving the album, the whole thing. I can’t rank it or anything right now, but it will rank highly for me when all is all is said and done. To my ears, this is the biggest departure Matt has made from what people expect of him (LOES didn’t seem as much of a departure as was made of it to me). After several listens, it’s really growing on me. Thanks Matt.
  2. Yup, it works there! Thanks! I never thought to check there.
  3. I can't seem to get the video to work on this site. In Chrome, I have it set to ask me to allow flash (as opposed to blocking it completely), and the page doesn't trigger Chrome to ask to allow flash. I made sure I had flash downloaded and tried Firefox, I can actually get the player to show in that case but the video never starts. I'm a web developer myself, so it's definitely a challenge, I might be able to get it to work if I spent more time on it. Flash is definitely horrible, Chrome at least will be dropping support for it completely at the end of this year, they already make you jump
  4. It’s odd that the Apparitions music video is nowhere to be found on YouTube. I know it was there years ago, then disappeared. I think it was on Vimeo for a while after that. It currently appears to be nowhere on the internet. I found a couple Reddit threads asking this, and people were pointed to the video section here. The video player seems to be non-existent now, the flash component seems to be just gone, whether flash is enabled or not. Is this anywhere, or is the only way to order the In a Coma DVD from Amazon? It’s strange that’s it’s not on Matt’s official YouTube channel or even availa
  5. I'm happy to see the album and tour announced! I was starting to wonder when the album release was going to be announced. I'm disappointed in the venue choice for Victoria though. It's just a big nightclub, I haven't been there for an actual show, just random nights out, but I would imagine the sightlines are bad from a lot of places. It's also down a bunch of stairs and any seating they may have probably doesn't have a good view of the stage (I have a disability). It seems like a really odd choice for a Matt Good show given what the demographic of his fans probably is at this point.
  6. I just got back from the Victoria show as the venue is 3 blocks from my place. It was amazing. Matt really seems to have the songs down, he sounds like he is in top form. The crowd was great at this one. It felt like the show had really good balance. Silent Army was played, so I don't think it was a mistake when that was in a previous account of a set list. Everything else played has already been noted here in previous shows. I went to this one solo, I felt like I could really get into it. I might end up going to more shows solo rather bringing someone along that isn't quite as into it
  7. I was at the Campbell River show last night. The setlist was exactly as was posted in the 2nd instagram screenshot above. This was the 2nd of 3 shows for me on this tour (my 1st was Sidney). The show overall was great as always, got to hear 4 or 5 songs he didn't play in Sidney. Some notes about the show: - Matt's show in Campbell River was about 1hr 35mins vs. 2hrs 15mins in Sidney, despite having a 17 song set in Campbell River and a 16 song set in Sidney. Keep mind that I think Matt is only scheduled to be on for 1hr 30mins for shows on this tour. - There wasn't much more betwee
  8. I just got back from the Sidney show. I'm not going to go on in a lot of detail, I'm not really sure what to say. Amazing. I've been waiting over 10 years to see Matt play acoustically and it was even better than I expected. I've seen him with the band 7 times before this, not to take anything away from the band, but this is definitely my favourite show I've seen. There was tons of between-song banter (between all the songs), lots of hilarious moments. Matt's show was about 2 hours 10 minutes. It felt like a very personal performance, the venue only has 8 rows of seats. Amazing, I don'
  9. I got some better tickets for Victoria this morning in the public sale (front row). I also managed to get 2 front row seats for Sidney, I previously only had 1. I also got VIP for Campbell River, I wonder how many people will be doing VIP there? Maybe it will be a really small group, that would be cool. I have some spare tickets if anyone is interested, PM me. I have 2 in row F for Victoria (right side). I also have a single seat in the front row for Sidney (centre, A19). You can have them for face-value of course (what I paid for them).
  10. So I wasn't keeping a close enough eye on things and didn't see the artist presale until now. I'm going to Sidney, Campbell River and Victoria. I'm going in a group of 4 to Campbell River and managed to get 4 together in row E so I just went for those. Looks like I'm going alone to Sidney, and I actually managed to get front row in the centre section after clicking "Suggest Other Seats" literally about 100 times (as I could see there were 2 singles in the front row). I need 2 seats for Victoria, I can get row E right now, but I'm going to roll the dice here and see if I can get a littl
  11. I would imagine he would have the ability the play longer sets in the solo acoustic format. I'm not sure of the economics exactly of course, but I would assume he has way less overhead for these shows than he would for a band show. If nothing else, he has less people on the road with him, maybe only a few people? (I'm not sure). You would think he would have the ability to play significantly longer sets if he charges the same price for tickets or a little more. Of course, he may just want to pocket that extra profit as well. I believe the last time Matt went across Canada playing sol
  12. It really seems like this tour is going to small markets only.
  13. Yeah, possibly, but tickets are even on sale for these shows. it's probably true that with past tours, you could probably dig up a few dates before an announcement if you looked hard enough. You're right that these are a long way off, but that makes it odd as well, it would be less odd if tickets weren't on sale yet. Normally with a tour, tickets for all shows go on sale on the same date, and there is a lot of promotion through all channels from MG's team to sell tickets. It's a little odd that tickets would go on sale for shows with no mention or promotion from the artist. Looks like the
  14. I certainly hope you're right, and I think you are. The tour with OLP was the first major MG tour I've skipped in 10 years, I would happily take a solo acoustic show over the MG/OLP show.
  15. It's very odd that these shows are just popping up with no mention of them from MG's team as of yet. It definitely seems like a solo acoustic tour coming together. Maybe it's going to be all small markets as all the big ones were hit with the OLP tour earlier this year. Matt and/or his management may not believe he can come back into those markets a year or less later. I really hope there ends up being some Vancouver Island solo acoustic shows, even if not I would go to the lower mainland or even the Okanagan for one at this point if I have to. So, at the very least I'll be going to t
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