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  1. Wow, Matthew Good covering Kate Bush would be like a dream come true. Cloudbusting is an excellent song off an excellent record.
  2. How do you get to the Lounge? When I click the link it says I have no access. If it's the paid thing I'm up to pay! (I seem like a total newbie but I mostly lurk and look for music recommendations here.)
  3. Broken - "If Birds Don't Fly Straight" Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - "Symbolistic White Walls" Underdogs - "Prime Time Deliverance" Raygun - "Haven't Slept in Years" Beautiful Midnight - "Failing the Rorschach Test" The Audio of Being - "Truffle Pigs" Avalanche - "Avalanche" White Light Rock & Roll Review - "Blue Skies Over Bad Lands" In a Coma - "The Fine Art of Falling Apart" Hospital Music - "I'm a Window" Live at Massey Hall - "Blue Skies Over Bad Lands" Vancouver - "A Silent Army in the Trees" Other - "Can't Get Shot in the Back"
  4. I always thought Truffle Pigs was super romantic, in that protective "I will fuck up anyone who has ever made you feel bad and I expect you to do the same for me" kind of way.
  5. I always try to grab setlists and get them signed. ;) Fought to Fight It was interesting. It's my least favorite on Vancouver so when I heard it start up I was a bit let down, but by about halfway through the song I was really getting into it. Matt gave it a lot of energy and the drumming was fabulous. The "fresh air" sample was really, REALLY loud, though. They did Load Me Up, right before or after Weapon IIRC. It must have been a last minute addition. Had a nice jam, too.
  6. Fabulous show tonight! I'm very glad I went. Set was as such: Giant The Future is X-Rated The Boy Who Could Explode Great Whales of the Sea Born Losers I'm a Window Odette Weapon Load Me Up (not on set, and with long band jam) Apparitions Encore: A Single Explosion Fought to Fight It On Nights Like Tonight I was so excited to see so much Hospital Music, which is one of my favorite records. Not much banter, but a lot of energy. After the show, Matt was very sweet to those of us wanting autographs. He had us go one-by-one onto the steps of the tour bus to see him rather than hanging around outside the bus. Highlights: Single Explosion, On Nights Like Tonight, Apparitions
  7. That setlist is gorgeous! Avalanche, Boy Who Could Explode, Champions, Nights Like Tonight and Volcanoes? That's it. I'm definitely going tonight.
  8. I'd love to see Matt this tour in Cambridge but because I have to travel from outside of town and have no car, the whole trip would cost me a lot of money. I'm generally more a fan of his ballads and acoustic performances instead of non-AOB MGB stuff...should I wait around for him to do another US acoustic tour? Is there even any likelihood of that within the next few years?
  9. I'm guessing at the lyrics: In the end, psychodelirious She'd grate coffee and empty seeds (?) Going home but it aint no different at all It's just another place baby where I don't sleep I forget how you looked at me But I remember how it used to feel so real So you hold on to it You hold on to it for your Life in spite of itself gets tired so ??? Chalk it up to how cars get crushed When there's nothing left for them to steal I forget how you looked at me But I remember how it used to feel so real So you hold on to it You hold on to it for your life You hold on to it You hold on to it for your life Life in spite of itself gets tired So ____ me my _____?
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