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  1. I used to do transfers through a fire wire but would frequently have issues like Steve is having. As Daniel said it can be fixed after the fact without too much trouble by just adjusting the audio track, usually if you can sync it up in one place it will sync up everywhere, of course if there are multiple glitches that kind of process quickly becomes a nightmare. I always found feeding and capturing directly on a computer to introduce too many issues in the chain, so I went with a more old school setup. I actually run a VHS player through a dvd recorder and just record the feed directly onto a DVD. I then rip the DVD to the computer. It adds an extra step but I've never had sync issues doing it that way and I've been pretty happy with that setup.
  2. adam_777


    I was happy to hear you bring up the point of polarization Matt, and thanks Foats for offering your perspective as an American member here. I have always found it odd that people are staunchly in one corner or another. People in general are all over the place with their emotions, their ideals, their dreams...it seems utterly counter intuitive to be cornered into one side of the room or another given the dynamic nature of the human psyche. I have family and friends in the States and I'm always shocked at how many of them are completely unable to do anything but blindly support one side or another. They ask me regularly what party I Identify with and I find that such a strange notion, because I don't unilaterally agree with any one party on all issues. This notion that I've always voted ________ or my daddy voted _____ and his daddy voted ______ so I vote ________ is completely ridiculous to me. What never ceases to amaze me is when I point out the fallacy of such a thing many of them are quite surprised. An example I always use is Abraham Lincoln as a progressive human rights activist Lincoln would today most likely be a member of the Democratic party, but he was a Republican, and the Democrats openly opposed his efforts to eliminate slavery. So lets say you were a Democrat today and had always been a democrat and so had your family...then your family at one point in time would have been opposed to the abolition of slavery. The same party that put the first black president in office was once completely against black people really having any social rights of any kind. What I find so interesting about this polarization is how people, without even knowing much about an issue will become aggressive defenders of it because it's their parties angle. I've seen people screaming in the streets on certain issues, and a quick conversation reveals they actually have almost zero first hand knowledge of the issue at hand, yet they are almost territorially defending it and lashing out against those who don't. That's a pretty scary reality. I recently watched The Social Dilemma, a documentary about the effects of social media on society and particularly young people. Two things really stood out to me. 1) the horrifying rise in suicide rates among extremely young preteen girls coinciding with the popularity of social media and 2) the polarization of political leanings coinciding with the same time frames. The documentary makes a case that these learning algorithms slant search results so that you find more of the kind of things you've searched for in the past, meaning you are always going to find articles and people agreeing with your previous viewpoints which helps fuel the fire of polarization because it may legitimately seem like there is no opposing view points even being put forward, and that those that are are filtered through a network of people with similar opinions as you and are trashed as such. That kind of situation simply does not allow for people to be objective whatsoever and would absolutely result in the polarity we are seeing today.
  3. Mine has been pretty clean no issues, but it seems several others have complained about some choppiness
  4. Those pop ups are brutal, but I agree the audio quality is very high end on this one, just crystal.
  5. Ya those were the first two so didn't miss much then, glad to hear it!
  6. Sound is fine on my end but lots of complaints about it.
  7. That was the screen we were on before, then it gave a link saying join the session. Perhaps because they are in technical difficulties mode they pulled the link temporarily, hang tight, hopefully it will be back. I'll update here once it starts so people know if they need to try refreshing or something. ok we're live.
  8. Oh wow that's unfortunate! It's pretty busy in the chat, I mean its been about a ten minute stream flashing introductions every time someone joins.
  9. The site loads but the video is paused while they work out some technical difficulties, Matt said they'd be back in a minute.
  10. Haven't had a chance to watch this yet, but just wanted to say thanks again for doing these interviews. Throughout the years we have as fans gotten a good deal of Matt's perspective mainly because in the MGB days Matt was a primary presence on MUCH and in print for interviews and quotes. Also because many of us here continue to follow his career we have heard subsequent interviews, comments made at concerts or in Matt's posts on social media or this site over the years. Many of Matt's recollections these days tend toward the negative side of things, which is fair if that's how he remembers those moments, it's certainly his history to write and retell. But during those years there were four other men on the stage as well who's stories we haven't usually heard from their mouths. Dave would be present at some of the MUCH interviews and he has done other interviews like the ones above that offer some insight, but certainly nothing really career spanning or in depth. We were fortunate to have Geoff here on the forums for a time before he passed and he was able to tell his side of things and answer some questions which lead to some hilarious back and forths and provided some interesting insights. But with Geoff and now Rich passing many of those stories will sadly remain untold. Because of that I think it's been incredible you and Ian have done these very indepth interviews over his time with MGB so that we can hear another perspective that hasn't been known to many in the fan community. Everyone in a band is going to remember different things and sometimes in different ways, so it all helps to create a kind of tapestry of memories of the band, their history and some of the best and worst moments. One thing I'll say is everyone involved has been very honest and forthcoming, there is no sugar coating and I appreciate that because you know you are hearing how they really feel. All in all it was an interesting time for us as fans and we relate to the music in almost a spiritual way, interviews like this help to ground us in the reality that for these guys this was also a job, a way of life, a form of expression and a way to provide for their families, candid interviews like this help us to appreciate the reality above the romanticizing we tend to do as fans. Very much looking forward to this Daniel and thanks for all the hard work!
  11. Grabbed one as well, these are quite a bit of fun, especially in times when there is just zero chances of concerts on the horizon. Nice just to be able to put a few bucks out there to support Matt as well, obviously artists are having a difficult time not really able to work in any capacity. Steve, where did you see the email for requests, Im not seeing it myself?
  12. Thanks John, I really appreciate the extensive response to my inquiries, definitely clears up some things I was wondering. I have all of those releases of Ghetto and Raygun, just never really understood how they came about, or what brought about their order or release. Also thanks for the definitive listing of the songs from the Lost album and the songs that were outtakes from Last of the Ghetto Astronauts, clears up the confusion I had there and I appreciate your efforts to relate what the songs sounded like and give reference to similar sounding tunes. It may be material we never get to hear, but it's always tantalizing to get a bit of a feel for it anyways. Thanks again John!
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