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  1. Ya after the last tour which did so many shows in Alberta I was a little surprised to see how few were on this tour, so doesn't give you Northern Albertans too many options without some pretty extended driving.
  2. Just my locals this time, Nanaimo two in Victoria two in Vancouver. All are GA except Nanaimo. How bout yourself?
  3. Yes exactly, buy your ticket today, then when VIP goes on sale in a few days buy that as well...just make sure you buy the VIP for the show you are going to...Like say you were going to the Victoria show on April 8th, make sure you buy the VIP for the 8th as well.
  4. Awesome, looks like I'll be attending 5 shows on this tour! Can't wait, and pretty excited for the new album as well. Should be a great Spring.
  5. Really appreciate hearing your recollection of the show. There are a very limited amount of audio bootlegs floating around from the 1998-2001 period and most of them seem to be recorded with mini disc's which you can imagine doesn't exactly create a high fidelity recording. What they do capture though is the insanity of which you speak. There are moments where the crowd is going absolutely bonkers and sometimes at moments that dont seem to be anything particularly special, so we're left to only speculate as to what was happening at that point in the show to cause such a reaction, without video, and with so few people around who actually saw MGB in their prime the details are lost to time. Still as rough as some of those recordings are they are treasured by a few of us here because they are our only access to an incredible, and as you pointed out earlier, very tight band that just doesn't exist anymore. For someone like myself who was 10 when this Coquitlam concert took place, I just never had the chance to see this band, so there has always been a little bit of a mystique about it, especially when the bootlegs show how amazing they were performance wise and how enthusiastic the crowds were. So your footage might give the best example of what it was really like to be there at one of these concerts, the fact it was a hometown show in Coquitlam is pretty cool in and of itself. As for your concerns over the audio, while it may not be pro quality, what I have heard of it is very enjoyable and far above the fidelity of the bootlegs, and since so little pro material is available from this period of the bands existence it's probably the best there is. Very interesting about the wireless feed being red lined, that must have been frustrating! Still the song samples i've heard and the entire Haven't Slept in Years sound just great to me, but perhaps I've spent so long with the bootlegs anything that doesnt sound like it was recorded through a pair of tin cans from the back of the arena sounds like some form of audible chocolate to these ears haha! I was wondering where exactly you had filmed this, the view definitely is from a high angle, and I figured that angle would be achievable in a large double decked arena like Rogers Arena, but obviously that's not what this venue in Coquitlam was, so I figured you had to be damn near strapped to the ceiling. That camera is pretty impressive to record such clear visuals from that distance over 20 years ago. It's interesting you can see a guy right up front filming with a camera as well, backing up my theory that there was probably tons of footage shot of this band over the years, but there just isn't much demand for that kind of thing to be dug up and released unfortunately. It's one of those situations where to the people that care about it, it would mean everything, but its such a small audience who would care these days that there just isn't really a commercial angle to release something like an archive MGB video/album. It's a shame when you see just how incredible some of these performances were. That whole 90's Can Rock movement really was a special and enthusiastic scene, as a kid I kind of thought it would have more longevity than it did, within a matter of years it was over and most of the audience had moved on, but these kinds of videos are perfect time capsule and something I've always been incredibly grateful for when someone out of the blue posts something like this. Every time I see footage like this it feels like I'm a little bit closer to understanding just what all those people on those bootleg recordings were shouting so frantically about.
  6. That's incredible. Geoff said before he passed that the band had played all the songs off Underdogs live at least once, pretty amazing that they played all of them except Change of Season in this one show. Thats a pretty cool and unique setlist, especially since once Beautiful Midnight came in many of those songs were dropped and never played again by Matt with the band or solo. Its kind of amazing to me that more fan shot MGB footage isnt out there because of how big they were at the time, but any of that material was probably long ago forgotten or disposed of, long before sites like youtube became prominent and easy for people to upload material. I really loved this footage when I first saw the snippets of it because its a fixed angle shot from a distance so you can experience it like you were actually at the concert. In addition you can usually see the whole band and the energy in the crowd too...yet its not so distant that you feel like you can barely see the band. Its a really great angle to capture this show and very different from the extreme close up and numberous cut method that was popular for MUCH proshot broadcasts at the time. Also this view allows you to focus on individual band members more, where close ups usually restrict you to watching the more photogenic band members more than the others.
  7. wow thanks so much for posting that, too bad you aren't able to share the entire thing but I can certainly understand. What was the setlist for the show? There is so little information about shows from that era so even knowing what the setlist was would be amazing. Also thanks again so much not just for sharing this but for taking the time to film it all in the first place. a request for other members to please respect the posters wishes not to share elsewhere, I know some people like to get this stuff up on youtube, but lets be grateful for what has been shared here, and keep it here as requested.
  8. Wow thank you for this story, actually I love stories like this, like Jeff Stein with The Who, just a fan who somehow got himself into a position to basically be working for the band. Very cool you not only got to see the show, but video it and interview Matt as well, must have been a very exciting time. Do you have any of this footage still, or do you know what became of it? I am assuming you shot the whole gig? Its some amazing footage of MGB in their prime with the original line up and there is so little footage of that era of the band. If more exists the small audience here would be incredibly grateful to see more of it, please feel free to get in touch if you have any of this left! Thanks for posting!
  9. Four of his last five albums have been fall releases including his last three. In addition since Hospital music he has released a new album every two years and even going back to the MGB years every two years was the trend, the only time this was altered was WLRRR which came a year after Avalanche and Hospital Music three years after that. So im thinking we'll get an announcement soon for a mid fall release. Matt had these songs written last winter recorded last spring and basically has only played a few dates since so i imagine he'll be starting up another full tour before too long and the album release will be prior to that.
  10. Not sure where you are living but in Canada this is still regularly found in record stores be it chains like Sunrise or independants. Even though i own all the vinyl i do regular checks when im in stores just to see availability. Ill say all of the recent releases are all readily available in the $40 range. And i stumbled across Vancouver arrows and lights once in awhile but usually for well over $100.
  11. Unconventional is definitely the key word. It is such an unusual approach. I remember dissecting those brief snippets for years and wondering where the song would go based on that, safe to say I did not expect what actually does happen. I agree with your appraisal that it would not have worked as a radio song, which is so interesting because they chose to focus on it as one of the songs from this performance. Geoff always claimed they played two songs that day, but apparently only Sharks was broadcast. I suspect the other song played was something more traditional for this kind of show, which makes the choice to go with Sharks for broadcast an even more unusual one. Thankfully for us they did, or we'd still be waiting to hear it. But what compelled the band or the network to push this song which A) was very unconventional and B) was not about to be released? It would be very interesting to hear Matt's thoughts on this song, why it was played that day and why it was never recorded or potentially abandoned. One has to imagine if they played it for this show it was probably being played live at other shows at the time although no recordings or proven setlists exist from that time period to verify that. The song has some very unusual lyrics, very over the top which is fairly characteristic of some of Matt's early writing. I wonder if that is part of the reason he disowns this time period for the most part? Perhaps when he looks back its for him like an equivalent of one of us going back and reading scribbled messages in an old high school notebook. One thing that is interesting is that after years of completely ignoring this period of his music he has started to revisit it and play some of it in his sets. During his last acoustic tour there were some shows with three songs from LOTGA and another from Raygun. I don't think Matt has had any concerts with three songs from LOTGA since probably 1998, maybe even earlier. Given that his back catalog has only continued to grow since then it was pretty encouraging to see that. Back to Sharks, I do think it fits the bridge nicely from the LOTGA/Raygun era to the Underdogs one, but while I do like the song, I do think that part of its appeal is because it is the great lost MGB song. Had it been recorded and released on an album I think many of us would just think of it as an average track at the time. I wonder if it will be the last "new" MGB song we'll ever get to hear? With Matt being very much against revisiting anything from an archival release standpoint from that era, it's unlikely something will slip out...then again Sharks was broadcast on National television and it took us over 20 years to get it to the masses, so maybe someday Revenge will slip out.
  12. Last year i mentioned some footage i was hoping to obtain that would contain some pretty rare video of the Matthew Good Band. Well after many months of waiting i was finally able to get that material, transfer it and with Chad's help we have got it uploaded and it will be shared through his site tomorrow. Unfortunately the amount of material was less than originally thought thanks to tapes being lent and never returned however the material that was still there although brief is still pretty incredible and goes right back to the start of the Matthew Good Band. For most here theyve probably never seen any of this. And those that have its probably been well over twenty years since they did. Im Very excited to have been able to find this stuff and get it transfered and very grateful for Chad offering his web site to host this material so that Matt Good fans can see it. I recently asked Matt if he would consider a chronological live album or footage release and while i wont go into specifics of his reasoning here, he was pretty emphatic that he would not. So for the time being these kinds of attic discoveries are our only way to find material such as this. So if you know anyone who might have taped shows on MUCH or videoed concerts they went to, reach out and ask if they happened to record any Matthew Good. You never know what might be turned up. Finally these tapes are being released as a tribute to MGB bass player Geoff Lloyd. Most of this material stems from Geoffs time in the band and is some of the only live footage we have from Geoffs era. It really showcases what he brought to the group and his contributions to some incredible music. Im very proud to be a part of the group putting this stuff out there because hopefully it will help people to remember Geoff and the band during his tenure.
  13. He said at some point, perhaps in a VIP that he kind of fell out of love with it.
  14. What an awesome journey! Sounds like it was s ton of fun. Matt Good related road trips are truly an amazing experience and glad you had such a good time like you when I did this in 2017 I was shocked at how different a venue, crowd or town could make the vibe of the show feel. It's really tough to choose favourite shows because seats are different and setlists and moments there are always a few moments that just stick with you and you're left feeling so proud and privileged to get to see Matt perform his art. Thanks for offering your thoughts on shows and for doing so much recording in the process allowing this tour to be easily the most comprehensibly covered tour in Matt's long career. I was telling Gursky the other day I plan to listen to all these recordings in chronological order and I think its be a really great experience to see how the tour progressed. Glad to hear you got to meet up with some of the regulars here, like you said theres really something to be said about connecting ting with people who get how much this music means. Weve got a great little community here and it's been a real pleasure to get out to meet several of you at shows over the years. It's so interesting that you mentioned Courtenay in relation to that Calgary show. When I heard about it and was talking to Gursky about it i immediately thought of that show in Courtenay. I've seen Matt 44 times now and generally hes always been in great moods. I saw him get pissed off at the festival crew at Rock the Shores in Victoria in 2013 when they started setting up for the next band in the middle of his set. I've seen him stop shows a couple of times when fights broke out to scold those responsible and I saw him once give a mini speech about how awful the audience was at a concert the night before referring to the crowd in Seattle who had largely ignored him preferring to drink and talk obnoxiously loud at the bar at the opposite end of the stage. But the only time I ever saw something like what happened in calgary was in Courtenay. I remember people were really drunk yelling really weird things. Someone kept telling take off your shirt. One obviously wasted lady yelled out "i like yer butt" and i recall someone saying something about his weight. He actually seemed annoyed and went the rest of the show without a single word to the crowd and as you said just walked off after and hes never been back meanwhile hes played Campbell River the last three tours in a row and having gone to one of those shows the crowd was great and incredibly respectful. That night it really did feel awful and it was hard to enjoy the show after that knowing that the artist themselves was so insulted. So I can somewhat relate to those in Calgary with a bad taste in their mouth about the show because some moronic fans can really put a damper on shows. It makes me glad I go to multiple shows so that some jackass doesnt ruin my only experience on a tour. Sounds like it was a truly awesome time though and I'm glad you got to experience that!
  15. That's awesome! I am so excited to get to hear that! If you were able to tape the whole show too than that means Hopeless would have been recorded so that means we managed to get a recording of every song played on this tour, which has to be a first (besides the BM Revisited tour where the setlists were 90% the same each night). How did this show compare to the others you've seen? First thats really cool you got to share that experience with your sons. What did they think of it all? As for the heckler man it really is a shame how some people can just ruin it like that. I've seen shows like that and it totally does ruin that bit of interactive magic between audience and performer. I've noticed on this tour that the shows where people were dicks, or fighting in the crowd and all that kind of thing, when Matt posts the setlist on insta, he just puts the town name, in this case. Calgary. Shows where there is a good vibe and rapport and no bullshit he puts Thanks St.Albert or whatever town. A minor nerdy detail sure, but if you look at all the shows known to have problems on this tour it's just the name no thanks haha. Good on Matt for being professional enough to still put on an amazing show under those circumstances, really a shame some people have to ruin it like that though.
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