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  1. Just got an email to download the EP now!
  2. wow, i think i read that page 10 times and never noticed 'midnight' there. whoops!
  3. FYI - presale code for Vancouver shows seems to be 'midnight', not 'NEWWAVE', as mentioned on the website (at least at the time os posting this...)
  4. bim

    M+ (merged)

    update: m+ launches today.
  5. bim

    M+ (merged)

    the site has a new front page - m+ starts this week.
  6. bim

    M+ (merged)

    Check out this new vid MG uploaded regarding some upcoming website changes. This includes the discussed paid content section of the site which actually sounds like it will be pretty awesome. http://www.matthewgood.org/wp-content/uploads/test.mov
  7. download this: http://hotspotshield.com/ it blocks your ip address so you can watch video in any region (it's also good for catching up on Lost on the ABC website...)
  8. Just a heads up: The Live at the Concert Hall recording is being aired Tuesday February 23rd, 10PM on Bravo. http://www.bravo.ca/television/AtTheConcertHall/index.asp
  9. mother mother will go on at 8, matt will go on at 9. massey hall is usually exactly on time with these things. have fun!
  10. it might be wrong....but the voice for the whole night sounded very similar to the one that asked the arsenal question. but if you say it wasn't you, fair enough. anyway...hope whoever it was isn't there on friday. it's one thing if what you're saying is even remotely funny...but for the most part this guy just repeated whatever matt said - but tried to do it louder. it was beyond lame.
  11. i think i was sitting pretty close to you and just an fyi...and i don't intend to sound like a dick...but the shouting got tiring very quick. there were a lot more comments beyond just those two questions... hoping massey isn't the same this weekend...
  12. http://www.cbc.ca/thehour/index.html if you watch the little window with the pictures, matt will be there on december 16th... also...i ran into george after the masonic temple show tonight at craft burger down the street...odd.
  13. someone from the crowd shouted for it and he said he had planned to, but wasn't allowed because of the length... it was solo acoustic...
  14. the show will be aired on february 23rd, 10pm on bravo. posted the setlist in that thread...
  15. Live from the concert hall setlist: last parade great whales (first try...stu's string broke half way through but they finished anyway) born losers boy who could explode us remains impossible strange days silent army great whales (the tv take) the show itself was fantastic musically...but i can't wait to see it done properly at massey hall on friday. nice venue with a small appreciative crowd. the whole 'being on tv' part of it was weird though with the random clapping at the empty stage and the long breaks with mostly silence between songs. air date: February 23rd, 10pm on Bravo
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