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  1. Planetside 2. Free to play, pay to get fancy underwear or new weapons faster. Dang, I'm still a staffer here, apparently.
  2. A guitar riff from Avenged Sevenfold's "Save Me" Piss off, I'm here and gone again and that's what it is.
  3. A Burris Fastfire 2 red dot sight for my favourite shotgun. And a Vortex SPARC red dot sight when I found ou the first one would be delayed by weeks while I fill out import licenses. And a Streamlight TLR-1 weapon light, also for Mr. Shotgun. I need help with this addiction.
  4. "When in doubt, deny all terms and definitions." -Calvin (-Bill Watterson)
  5. 6 boxes of Winchester Ranger reduced recoil buckshot and a green delrin mag follower for my shotgun.
  6. So let us never say that "black" guns are somewhat suspect, or that only double shotguns are sporting, or that rifles are acceptable, but pistols are not. So long as the shooter is respectable, his firearm is respectable. When he is not, neither is his weapon. - Jeff Cooper
  7. Yeah, we (we being the gun community I guess?) were expecting another amnesty, though this election throws things into a bit of doubt. We'll see. All mine are registered anyway, I have no real problem with the registry aside from the cost for something so demonstrably useless and the fact that the RCMP and CFO have a habit of confusing their own arbitrarily defined policies with federal law. Some of the more foil-hat-inclined have suggested that the LGR is best suited to confiscating reclassified firearms from lawful owners, while utterly failing to affect the illegal gun trade. As a recent example, when Smith & Wesson started making a pistol version of their MP-22 semi-automatic rifle, the magazines were reclassified in Canada as "Pistol Magazines" (10 round limit) where previously they were "Rimfire Rifle Magazines" (no maximum capacity). Suddenly, any Canadian who bought the MP-22 with the included 25-round magazine was in possession of a Prohibited Device. Every legal owner is listed in the registry (not the LGR, the restricted one, but still). the RCMP and CFO conspicuously did NOT use that much-flaunted registry to notify the owners of that particular gun - they just put up a notice on the website. What about people who bought that gun and aren't members of the gun forums? Fifteen years from now they could be arrested and charged for possession of that magazine. Why didn't they contact the owners? Ugh....I'm venting, and getting off topic. What's your report about specifically? Will it be online anywhere?
  8. This is a bizarre conundrum for be, singularly because I enjoy firearms. Basically, the Convervatives are the only party that has any chance of winning and is even narrowly pro-gun....but I don't agree with a lot of their other policies outside of military spending (and even there, the JSF project is way out of line). The problem is that I'm more Liberal or NDP in most other policies. If you take a moment to think about it, it should be the more left-wing Lib/NDP types who should be ploughing the ammo fields - the Libertarians are the ones who should be pro-gun, not the almost-fascist Cons. Same in the US - the Dems should be the ones harping on personal freedom, not the nutbox bible-thumper religeous-right Republicans. I've recently had to come to terms with the fact that no major party actually wants firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens, it's just a campaign promise to get the more ignorant among us to vote Conservative and the more frightful and naive to vote otherwise. Once absolute power is a achieved by ANY party, legal civic ownership of firearms will be the first thing to go. It has happened over and over historically, and it will happen again. The RCMP and CFO are already creating their own policies and confusing them with "law" without the backing of the courts or feds, but no challenge to their absurd decisions has been made....hmmm... So am I disenfranchised? Yes. Absolutely. Every major party wants exactly the same thing, they're just all making different promises to get backing from different demographics. They are all corrupt, and they are all incompetent. we will vote for them, and they will repay us with getting rich off the downfall of the Western world. the zombie apocalypse is a metaphor for anarchy and freedom
  9. Fixed, until they prove me and many years of tradition wrong. Also, did you play Shadow Warrior?
  10. Mostly Bad Company 2, still....with a little Magicka and a little Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
  11. It did a few months ago but it took alot of BS fiddling with Hamachi and whatnot. Do it with friends, and for cheap...it's good, but short and I'm not sure about the replay value.
  12. Never played it, but Sacred/Sacred 2 look like they could be a lot like Diablo.
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