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  1. the aussie 'hello time bomb' single has 'enjoy the silence' and 'fated'; not that difficult to find one of those. i (accidentally, really... no.. really) have two of them.
  2. i've got one i bought at the concert at aj's hangar in july/2000 in kingston (my first concert), but i've worn it to pieces and would never part with it - sorry... :angry: the letters are starting to do that annoying fissuring thing they do. pisses me of, but meh - how it is with aging worn t-shirts. sorry to post such a disappointing reply - i guess acting a bit as confirmation, for Bladeso, that it was an actual shirt sold by merchandising at the concert. i was so excited and donned the shirt immediately, much to my current boyfriend's dismay. good memories... ;) again, my apologies, and good luck Tim...
  3. i can't do small lists when it comes to music. i apologise. ;) this is haphazardly based on three or more of the following: genius, passion, mastery of craft, evolution, influence, innovation, live impact, staying power... -the band (disregard the fact it was kickstarted by two arkansan lads - it was primarily constituted of canadians) -rush -red rider -tragically hip, gord downie+band -blue rodeo -matthew good band + MG and current band -barenaked ladies -moist and david usher+band members -sarah mclachlan+band members -tea party -skinny puppy -neil young and crazy horse (even though as far as i know most,if not all, of crazy horse members over the years were not canadian) -leonard cohen+musicians (when he used 'em) i could go on forever. grr. 'another symptom of my damned disease...' :angry:
  4. bwahahahahahahhahahaahhaha! made my morning. um, afternoon. thanks nation ;)
  5. unequivocally agreed. and to boot, it's actually a word.
  6. are you fabricating words? or are you meaning 'affliction' as a synonym for heartache? you confuse me greatly, scot m. but if indeed love was lost, i commiserate and hope you find solace somehow.
  7. 150-foot pole... but agreed. ("facilities and communication evaluation" 'beams)
  8. wow, this one was the easiest for me to read. heheheheh.
  9. prime time deliverance strange days
  10. I'm afeared. I live (and work) a few blocks from Parliament. There are notices posted about protest marches to the US embassy regarding withdrawal of US troops in Iraq (tomorrow I think?), but I haven't seen anything that seemed more specifically related to Nov. 30th... i've been in a bit of a personal tragedy bubble - time to crawl out to face one of the biggest 'bad men' of them all.
  11. here here. there is vast stylistic diversity to be had in country music (as in all musical forms). the inference that the audience for country music is comprised only of bigoted folk is also a tad asinine. however his creations/art/self emerge, so be it. he has obviously been dabbling with and delving into new styles of musical expression and it's such a refreshing indicator that he's thriving creatively as an artist and as a human being and it's so humbling and inspiring on personal and even universal levels. unless he started producing obviously half-assed material (somehow i can't see him doing this, but hey - never say never), i don't think i could ever lose much respect for his genuine talent and humanness. edit: up to the artist which medium they use. artist, being human, is not immutable; nor are members of audience. we're always evolving/adapting/regressing. so many possibilities. /brainimplode
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