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  1. Has Matt warmed up to the group? I remember back in the day there were quite a few Matthew Good interviews on youtube from around the time the MGB broke up and he called them "the worlds greatest bar band" (I think it was meant as a diss) does anyone have any of those old clips still?
  2. I remember an interview years ago where Matt called the hip the worlds best bar band. Alot of his old stuff has been taken off youtube
  3. eh i wont make it out.. cold is too much not to mention I'd have to kill two hours out in the cold. There will be other Vancouver shows.
  4. I'm battling a real cold right now.. I think I'll still try to make it.
  5. I'm going to go.. guess i'll have to line up extra early eh?
  6. I'm not sure Matt could still really pull off stuff from lotga. May just be me.. think his voice has really changed a great deal.
  7. eh I dunno about a reunion.. it's been what 10 years? Matt doesn't weigh 115 pounds anymore and his sound has changed well..majorly. ah what the hell sure one night show PNE 2012.
  8. Here is something.. Is Matt Good from Coqulitlam or Burnaby? I've read he is from both places and of course at the Vogue he said Coqulitlam so yeah.. Yeah there was very little banter. Hornets was a song I did not know.
  9. What did he say after George brought up justin? I can't make it out.. right after he says "I Know i just said that on national tv"
  10. Saw my first Matt Good concert last night. Was pretty good, does anyone have a set list? Was rather hoping he'd play a couple more things acoustic and a couple more songs from Vancouver (Us remains impossible) But I can't complain I just wish I was a little older and got into him sooner so I could have seen him during his MGB days as his sound has obviously changed since then. Maybe during his 20th anniversay tour he can bring back some stuff from Ghetto Astronauts >_>
  11. Never. Was going to go to the Vancouver shows this year but terrible timing as those were also my first two days of work. Maybe next tour.
  12. SWW is awesome.. sucks I'll probably never see it played live.
  13. Fuck, stupid work. UGhhhhhh Now I get four days off in a row.
  14. Matt should bust out some Haven't Slept in Years. Wouldn't that be awesome?
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