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  1. Here's a rip of the Oh Be Joyful! song (encoded in Ogg Vorbis): http://www.arklinux.org/~poprocks/mattgood-obj.ogg mod note: please buy the track via itunes... - crusader
  2. I have it, but why would you want it in .wmv format?
  3. The most abundant record around here is probably Avalanche... Also WLRRR, LOTGA, Raygun, and Beautiful Midnight are easy to find. AoB is nowhere to be found :-(
  4. Yeah I bought their album a while ago. I listened to it a lot at first, and I loved the British video for Mr. Brightside. But when they released their North American video, it was pretty obvious that they sold out. I wish bands would understand that their audiences don't have to be bought. They are good musicians though, and the album is enjoyable. I do agree though, that the album hits a wall around track 6 or 7.
  5. Ditch Internet Explorer, seriously. It's probably the cause of 90% of most people's problems with Windows. Outlook is probably 9.9% -- ditch that too. As for browsers, there are lots out there that are all way better than IE, like Firefox, Opera, Mozilla Suite, and K-Meleon. I'm a Linux user personally. I'm not the type to go around saying "Everyone should use *nix!" but I do strongly believe that you'll find happiness if you reformat or clean all your spyware and viruses, and switch to a new browser. Windows utopia is possible!
  6. We only have one guitar in the band (myself) so songs like ASR and Time Bomb are WAY easier to cover. Then say a song like Weapon. Well don't get the idea that we've got some elaborate set-up..! there's just 3 of us, for Weapon one of us plays keyboard with a symphony setting, one plays guitar 1 and one plays guitar 2. We usually don't have a drummer for most stuff.
  7. I'd definitely have to say The Reason by Hoobastank. My cousins' family and my family went on a cruise, and we stayed for a couple nights in Miami Beach because that's where the port was. It was a couple days before the MTV VMAs, so there were celebrities around. Hoobastank happened to eat dinner at the same deli we were at -- and they wouldn't sign autographs for us. It wasn't like there was a lineup either -- no one recognized them but us. Honestly, that's not cool. If you're a celebrity, you have to expect stuff like that. I was never a fan, but my brother was and now he no longer is, because of that. But all those rather personal things aside... I'd still go with the Reason. So there.
  8. Yeah, you're probably right. I hope Jenny hasn't been fattening him up on purpose though!
  9. Heh, it's probably in my dad's glovebox. Or maybe in the garbage. Same thing.
  10. You sure about that? I heard he is his own kid! Ermm...
  11. Wow, ASR seems to be a popular cover song! My friends and I have covered Middle Class Gangsters, Time Bomb, Weapon (always lots of fun), Empty Road, Hopeless, Put Out Your Lights, Poor Man's Grey, and Apparitions. It mostly sounds crappy, but we have fun.
  12. Yeah, he was kinda sickly before, it's good to see that he's finally eating something.
  13. Sure it could sell out, but this isn't Green Day or anything, tickets will be available for a while.
  14. Good job! A few of the lyrics are wrong in Strange Days, but it's about the music, not a few words. Overall very good! Maybe consider mp3 instead of wav to reduce the filesize a bit But I generally like the originals better, you seem more comfortable with your own material. keep it up.
  15. Quicktime, I don't know, I use mplayer to play my videos, so it worked fine here.
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