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  1. MR is done as dinner. She signed on for one year and the producers had purposely been misleading everyone saying she wouldn't be written out of the show/her character would be developed etc. Libby... SPOILER (Highlight to View) isn't dead yet I don't think, but she will be gone before the end of the season. She shows up in Desmond's flashback in the season finale, though.
  2. If you want to guage his drop in popularity, just look at his album sales. In A Coma wasn't even a blip on the popular music radar, and it was intended to be his foray back into commercial music. And WLRRR had plenty of radio friendly tracks on it, it was just marketed horribly and the two videos he did put out were terrible. So saying that he's progressed into making more 'meaningful music' or something avant garde sonically is a pretty bullshit excuse (Hello Time Bomb is a great rock song, and a great deal better than all of the 'straight up rock' tracks on WLRRR). His old music is still played on the radio, but he has about 1/10th of the fanbase he once had. That said, he knows this and I don't think he cares. He's been there, done that.
  3. It's very very small. Couches, tables etc.
  4. Oh, so no 'intermission' between melissa and matt? interesting.
  5. how long between doors and the opener and the opener and mg?
  6. Whoever told you that they ID people when buying tickets and not at the door is completely off. That wouldn't stop people from buying tickets for underage friends and getting them in. They'll very likely be ID-ing at the door. Borrow an older friend's ID or scratch yours if you can, otherwise you're screwed.
  7. don't get your hopes up. word is mitch is pulling the plug. we'll probably find out next week.
  8. Minority Report was brilliant. The other 3 weren't by no means bad either.
  9. Veronica Mars gets abysmal ratings. But it is one of the best written dramas on television.
  10. Is this the one you spent a ridiculous amount of money buying not too long ago?
  11. Prison Break-In is indeed the name of the episode. But the description you had there is from "Making A Stand" (where GOB makes a competing banana stand). Prison Break-In is about Lucille having an affair with the Prison warden (James Lipton). The Op has the descriptions mixed up it looks like.
  12. Gob: You've got the name wrong, "Prison Break-In" is a different upcoming episode, the one you've described is called "Making A Stand" (fka "Lesson").
  13. They ran out of stories to tell. The charm of the Simpsons was that even though it was a cartoon, the plot lines could've rather easily been utilized in a live-action sitcom. Plot lines people could relate to. Now the plots are just so ridiculous that it's just like every other cartoon on the air with 4 characters who just co-habitate and are really no longer a family.
  14. The Simpsons has been inconsistent since Season 8. From then on it got progressively worse every year. I watched last season and it was downright embarrasing. I haven't been watching this year, but from what I've heard, it's been a step up. I doubt it, though.
  15. CSI and every other procedural show on television.
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