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  1. Part of the reason he's discontinuing the blog will be two months of studio work that is coming up soon, so I'm quite alright with seeing the end of the blog.
  2. Yes, the question becomes much more difficult when the death isn't relatively quick like getting hit by a bus. What if you're going to be eaten alive by fire ants?
  3. Whoa... Well done, newly christened Mr & Mrs Good.
  4. I've never figured out why people need to be told to leave work for during work hours and fuck off when they're over. Seems pretty self explanatory.
  5. Y2K? Seriously? I mean, come on. We got us a rapture to prepare for!
  6. It's still sad... I thought America had enough domestic problems to keep it busy instead of messing with everyone else's shit.
  7. Horray to some Yankee politician trying to figure out how to police the internet, and somehow assuming that it's America's to police in the first place.
  8. Internet policy shouldn't be discussed by people who, I'm guessing, don't use it. Or at least not for more than to check their email.
  9. Did you just ask about bowel movements? I guess I'm pretty alright... How irregular are you?
  10. Batman, I've always been a fan of his lack of ridiculous/unrealistic super powers. He's just a guy in a suit, generally kicking someone's ass. When is the last time you did some sort of traveling, and where did you go?
  11. Rain, I love the smell and I find it pleasant to stand/walk in the rain. Who is your favourite stand up comedian? Why?
  12. Electric chair, just happens to sound more appealing to me. Do you smoke anything, ie: cigars, cigarettes, pot, crack, etc?
  13. I agree that that particular image might not work that well when shrunk down to the size of a toonie. Also, that gif is amazing.
  14. I remember using AOL floppies and CD's as coasters. They always kept you in good supply.
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