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  1. 1. RFH. Ha. In an experimental calculus class I took during my post-doctoral studies, I remember the lecturer mentioning f(slow song) = about love. 2. Depending on your defintition of a love song, you could probably call Hospital Music pretty full of love songs. 3. I don't know a great deal about the DJ industry, but if we all put our minds to it, I'm guessing we could guess that he has a bunch of MG songs that don't seem wedding-oriented because he buys songs in bulk. I'm no expert, though. Also, Alabama Motel Room.
  2. http://www.wm3.org/WM3/view/DAMIEN-Legal-Defense-Fund
  3. I could really go for some FireTeddy cover action, myself. Maybe that makes me too old to be here. And did Nate Pike ever do a cover? I feel like he might have. Ah, the good ol' days. On another note, I'd be more than happy to host everything anyone has. I've got lots of server space and a pile of bandwidth until a few business ventures get underway, so let me know if we'd like to see everything up there in the interim.
  4. I think we'd all agree that we'd like to see a fan get this rather than Jay Osborne's newest boyfriend. So, in this spirit, I'd love to make a deal with someone. None of my friends are especially into MG. I took one to September's show at Jack Singer and he thought it was good, but wasn't excited, really. I'd be more than happy to make a deal with someone to say that, hey, I'd rather go chill with a true MG fan for the weekend and see the concert with that person than go with someone who's just tagging along for the party. Obviously, we're only working on the honour system here, but I'm a big fan of said system. Let me know if you're interested. P.S. It would be wonderful if you're a phr33ky young thang. Ha. I jest.
  5. That's definitely a solid vid. I'll have to check out some of your others, Krista!
  6. I just saw The Bank Job after some prodding from friends. It was much better than expected.
  7. I could probably host the two mp3s (assuming someone ripped them while they were still up) if someone wants to send them to me (e-mail to reub/at/reub/./org). I'll post the link here if someone sends them along.
  8. I went to school with Jon and, truthfully, I'm not entirely sure of what he's up to now, but he's got some stuff online that I really enjoy. It's very much East Coast rock in my humble opinion and if you're a Joel Plaskett fan I think you'll definitely appreciate his stuff. Here are some links to check out some of his stuff: http://www.myspace.com/jonathancuthbert http://myspace.com/joncandtherelief http://www.hennigars.com/joncandtherelief http://radio3.cbc.ca/bands/jon-cuthbert
  9. I just started watching Children Of Men, which is pretty decent thus far. And the other night I fell asleep during Man Of The Year, which was better than I suspected to the point when I fell asleep.
  10. Of the three recently streamed songs, She's In It For The Money is definitely the one that I'm digging the most. Thoughts?
  11. Does anyone care enough for the FireTeddy (Fine Art) or David Adedokun (RFH) for me to go looking for them? Lemme know... I'll check this again in a month or two.
  12. FireTeddy (the guy was around the APH at some point), which I believe was two guys, did a cover of Fine Art. David Adedokun, of the now defunct Courage Riley, did a live cover of Running For Home and he e-mailed me about having done another one live that wasn't recorded, but I don't really remember what one it was anymore. I think Julian Lepinski (he runs the tab archive) did a couple of covers, too, didn't he? Other than that, I haven't really heard anything other than a friend or two or people at acoustic nights at the bar doing any covers.
  13. star69

    Club Soda

    Are you a cute female intending to attend the show on the 18th of October? What's up?
  14. The fact that this is pretty much the only option left at which to celebrate the first ten years of Goodness greatly saddens me. I find it quite troubling, in fact. I hope you're all enjoying the new album. Cheerio.
  15. 1. That's sort of the point. 2. I don't believe bars are allowed to mix the two. Fortunately, selling a combination of vodka and a can of red bull to a drunk person is something different. This is what I have seen.
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