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  1. I like listening to albums from start to finish. But I’m finding it very hard to listen to this one like that. Not because I think it’s a bad album but because I find that Bullets in a Briefcase is so far ahead of any other song on this album that I just want to skip right to it. It’s almost making the other songs extra dull or something that I just feel like skipping to the end. I find that this album is very backloaded with Something Like A Storm and This Is Night being my next faves. All in all, I think the album is great and it definitely grabs me more than CN after my first few listens. Thanks Matt for another great one.
  2. Really liking Harridan, Moment and Cloudbusting. This album is better than the demos led me to believe it would be.
  3. Really good album, they picked up right where they left off. Also saw them live and I cant believe that David Usher is almost 50...so energetic.
  4. So how are the new songs sounding? Are they exactly the same as the album or are they extended? Is anything different in them?
  5. This article: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/music/matthew-good-gets-back-to-basics/article14466539/ says this about Mutineering: "And in Mutineering, he offers a wish to protect his children from the horrors he spends so much time reading about. “They don’t gotcha yet,” he sings." Not sure if that's correct, but I guess it could make sense.
  6. I like it more than the other video
  7. Can't say I'm huge on the single and the record being different doesn't excite me too much, but if I've learned anything about Matt's work it's that if you don't like the sound of one of his records theres a good chance that the next one won't sound anything like this one so no biggie. Thanks for the post Matt, glad you made a record you wanted to make...if it doesn't do well, there can always be an alt-rock record next time...
  8. Thanks a lot for doing this dude...that was a ton of work!
  9. LOTGA - Symbolistic White Walls Raygun - Generation X-Wing Underdogs - The Inescapable Us Lofi - Fated BM - Giant LA - The Fine Art Of Falling Apart AOB - Man Of Action Avalanche - Avalanche WLRRR - Empty Road In a Coma - Oh Be Joyful Hospital Music - A Single Explosion Vancouver - Empty's Theme Park
  10. SOAPS Suburbia Weapon WWWHR Avalanche Advertising on Police Cars The Rat Who Would Be King Prime Time Deliverance Near Fantastica Man of Action
  11. Avalanche Sort of a Protest Song Man of Action While We Were Hunting Rabbits Weapon
  12. 1) The Fine Art of Falling Apart 2) Empty's Theme Park 3) Born to Kill 1) 99% of Us is Failure 2) Born Losers
  13. Round 4 Group C Man of Action Prime Time Deliverance Born To Kill Round 4.7 Apparitions
  14. Round 4 Group B Weapon Avalanche The Fine Art of Falling Apart Round 4.6 Failing the Rorschach Test Apparitions
  15. Round 4 Group A Suburbia Advertising on Police Cars Empty's Theme Park Round 4.5 Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance Apparitions Fated Failing the Rorschach Test
  16. Round 2.5 1) Truffle Pigs 2) Empty Road 3) 21st Century Living 4) Symbolitic White Walls Round 3.5 1) Running for Home 2) Giant 3) The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production 4) A Boy and His Machine Gun
  17. 1) Empty's Theme Park 2) The Rat Who Would Be King 3) Born to Kill 4) Man of Action 5) Giant 6) Avalanche
  18. 1) Weapon 2) Tripoli 3) A Single Explosion 4) 99% of Us is Failure 5) Advertising on Police Cars 6) Change of Season
  19. 1) Near Fantastica 2) We're So Heavy 3) The Fine Art of Falling Apart 4) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 5) Suburbia 6) Sort of Protest Song
  20. Random thoughts on the show last night...Matt sounded great....band sounded great...too many vancouver songs, needed more variety....band can't really get into a flow having to take a break after each song to change guitars/walk on/off stage, etc....surprised no apparitions.....the illusion of television has been destroyed for me.....couldn't hear anyone screaming out or anything...only the comment about emptys being played.....had great seats, matt walked right past me down center aisle....cool experience.
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