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  1. Thank you - cancer is a terrible way to go. :( The thing about the Moncton show was that the it just didn't feel like a concert venue. Sure they spent a lot of money on acoustics and sound equipment, but the seating was terrible (imagine hotel conference room chairs in front, creaky bleachers in back). And I think a good portion of the crowd may have been Friday night regulars at the casino who show up to everything? Anyways, to cut it short: the music was great, the atmosphere was really weird.
  2. Here are some videos I took of the Moncton show with my ipod touch that I thought I would share. I was supposed to go with my mom (who is also a huge fan) but my uncle passed away from cancer and she had to catch the red eye to BC the night before. *Please note: These videos were only meant for her and we were pretty far back, so video quality is TERRIBLE. And there was a grumpy older lady usher giving people the death glare. :| What If I Can't See the Stars, Mildred?: Zero Orchestra: Hornets: Non Populus: While We Were Hunting Rabbits:
  3. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I think these are all of the songs that were played. This list is definitely NOT in order, except for Shallow's Low as opener and Rabbits as first encore song. Shallow
  4. Here are the titles of the ones we've heard so far (in no particular order): 1) Extraordinary Fades 2) Lights Of Endangered Species 3) How It Goes 4) Set Me On Fire 5) We Are A Place 6) What If I Can
  5. Looks like Matt is going to be a dad. News posted on M+ and Twitter. ;)
  6. It's still available in the M+ area... he usually keeps them up for a couple of days, or until another clip is uploaded.
  7. From the latest entry entitled "From a Distance": "On September 17, 1862, more Americans fell than in any battle in American history. More than on D-Day, more than during the Guadalcanal campaign, more than during the battle for Tarawa. And that was only Antietam. In 1864, at Cold Harbor, the Union would suffer 12,737 casualties in 13 days. Put into stunning perspective, the Battle For Okinawa, which lasted 82 days, saw some 50,000 Allied casualties. Were the engagement at Cold Harbor to have lasted as long, and produced the same casualty rate as was seen over its 13 days, the result would have been a staggering 76,000. While that sort of math might seem stunning, take into consideration that over three days at Gettysburg the casualty total was almost 50,000 and then apply the same reasoning." So the title is a Civil War reference it seems...
  8. From the Contest rules: "On or after Tuesday, December 08, 2009 at approximately 5:00 p.m., a random draw for the Prizes will take place at CTV Limited (Bravo!), Toronto, Ontario from among all eligible entries received during the Contest Period."
  9. I tried to use the presale code 'vancouver' for the Edmonton date on ticketmaster, but it says invalid password. ;) Am I doing something totally wrong?
  10. Yay for Vinyl and CD! I didn't see anything about the postcard pack though... maybe it will just ship automatically???
  11. Yeah I realized that after I heard the radio edit more than once. It is an odd jump right into the chorus... ;)
  12. Lost most of my Jamaica tan, and the weather in NB this summer has definitely prohibited me from getting it back ;)
  13. As for the radio edit, the intro is only about 10 seconds or so, they don't change the "fuck or leave" line, just mute out fuck... and then it fades out during the piano at the end. From what I heard the only difference is the shortening of the beginning and end.
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