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  1. Dudes have been going around with their tits hanging out since the dawn of time with pride. You ever been too a beach? Some dudes even will be their with their big ol’ titties hanging out, no bra. Some even be there with women with smaller breasts than the man has. You don’t see a lot of moral outrage when that happens. Ain’t nobody crying “save the children!” It’s almost as if this double standard on breasts is some result of men knowing they like to think with their dicks deciding the only way that men can not think with their dicks is to lay that burden on women to not make us think with ou
  2. Pretty much how it goes. Write a song about you’re all heartbroken and been screwed over and people feel for you because music has a way of getting people emotionally invested. Once they are invested, their view of a person and all in their life that they is set so well that it’s hard to change. A large part of his career and that of musician that’s had any amount of success is their own public profile. What they say about themselves through their music, actions, interviews, and whatnot. When they hear or read something that contradicts their view of this perception of that person
  3. Haven’t been on this forum in a long while. Haven’t really listened to his music in awhile either, although not because of the issue at the heart of the discussion. that being said, I do know one of those women and she came to me with her story over a month ago and man, it hurts. Not nearly as much as it must have hurt her but it hurts because it took so long for her to talk to me about this(her experiences with MG were a little under a decade ago) and I can understand why. Among the reasons includes the fact that we both met online through his music and it had help the both of us thr
  4. Yeah and the thing is, it's not something that annoys me. It's something that you see and you know things in the world do get to him and you can imagine him being really depressed or down. It's something that I just don't like to see in anybody and I see it in myself a lot. One thing bi polar does is give you the ability to really give a damn and sometimes it helps but sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't is usually when you feel alone in that there seems to be a problem with something.
  5. Good song in moderation. It's one of those songs that could get old on you. trying not to think of shit that is obvious here. It's way to easy to bring up something by the Beatles or Bob Dylan or the Who or things that were more recent. Sunshine Help Me by Spooky Tooth
  6. You know what's odd is that Al Gore learned about this from these scientist people. I think you might want to point your sarcasm that way, to those scientists with their education, years of study, and more knowledge of the climate than you, I, or even Al Gore have. Also, that winter storm that those on Fox News were all going on about, actually makes sense from what I understand. I think it has to do with how the heat makes it so the snow will come down in a larger amount because it builds up there longer. The extreme on one end makes for an extreme on the other end. global warming is just
  7. Haven't been to many concerts but I'd say it was Alice Cooper at the Sturgis Rally in south dakota, a few years back. Used to live not far from there and that was the best time to go to a concert.. The year before was good, Velvet Revolver was who we went to see, and they were fine accept I am not a big fan of their former vocalist. I think a few NASCAR drivers were there before and they did some trick with their tires and whatnot. I think one of them was Dale Earnhart Jr. but I don't recall. Of course, none of that matters because both years were epic because of the epic amount of breasts. I
  8. Awesome, looking forward to seeing this. Some of the things he did post as examples for content could be classified as stupid in a sense but I think I like happy Matt joking around and having fun with things over when he gets serious. I understand it because I am bi polar myself and know that it is hell but the guy needs to have fun too. If I have to pay 25 bucks too see it, then that's fine with me.
  9. It's alright. I think if I saw it live I'd like it better. Johnny Strikes Up the Band by Warren Zevon Don't know how popular that song was compared to Werewolves of London, and Lawyers, Guns, and Money and but that is the one that just sticks out to me from that album.
  10. There are many reason why I'll do it/ I'd also point out that he isn't going to see half of what you spend, probably. Considering that this will cost him money to put together, I think some whom may react that he is just trying to make a quick buck are mistaken. I understand those whom can't afford it but I am sure that he and those helping him out aren't just going to throw something up. Shit, I pay for web hosting that I don't use that much and that is at least $100 a year. His definitely costs more than that by a landslide. If I had as much money that it probably costs Matt to keep his
  11. Sounds good, haven't heard the other two tracks but I definitely like it. It'd be definitely be interesting to see him put some instrumental tracks on his next album. Although, I think he has mentioned that he has really gotten into Explosions in the Sky, which this track makes me want to listen to myself.
  12. Yeah, I heard the tried to change the name to Fox Comedy Channel....apparently "FCC" sounded better when Bush was in office. Also, the voices in Glenn Beck's head are not a good source of news.
  13. Yeah, there is a reason why we regulate alcohol use here in the states. Whether one agrees with it or not, there is a reason. There is also a need for laws regarding guns. Giving everybody a gun doesn't help. You fail to take into account that everybody having a gun with them could also make things horribly worse. When the shots are firing, who is to say more innocent people aren't killed? Usually you want to stop violence, not create more of it. If somebody gets to the point where they feel the need to bring a gun to a school, I highly doubt they give a damn if they come out alive.
  14. The thing about that is that other bands can afford not to do it more so that Matt can. I don't know his financial information but I doubt he is extremely rich. Given what it must cost just to run the website, which costs a lot more than some personal website owned by some guy nobody has heard of. It wouldn't be surprising to me if it costs him ten grand just to keep up in a year, even more. Some artists are able to do that and some can afford it because they have less of a presents and don't put near as much effort as he does into their web presence.
  15. Yeah, I kinda get why he might be acting that way. I get the feeling he is trying to combat a lot of stress right now. Knowing what relatively little I know about mental illness, besides my own experience, it's a nightmare. Add that he does have a lot of strangers that know him in a certain way, that adds to it. I have my own ways of handling it and sometimes they don't go off too well and sometimes they end up with me saying "fuck it" to a school asignment that is really boring and making a wanted poster description of myself in which I make fun of myself and then it becomes the assignment fo
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