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  1. hoogie

    Stranger Things

    The show is very well done. I love the vibe and I'm not even a huge sci-fi person.
  2. hoogie

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    The seating will be different, but I asked a friend who's been there to watch the indie wrestling that's there sometimes, and he said it's fine. I've always wanted to watch a show from up there because it's way less crowded. It'll be strange to fight over a spot to sit. Guess I better show up when the doors open for once.
  3. hoogie

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    Quite the change in your list of shows from tours past.... A church would be a fantastic setting for a show. Sounds cool.
  4. hoogie

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    This is the response from the Music Hall: The entire show is seated. It is a Matt Good acoustic show. With GA Floor, you can access floor or balcony seats at, first come first serve. The tickets that are left are the reserved seats in our new balcony mezzanine So it's a seated show in a club. Should be interesting. And they apparently have a new mezzanine section, which is news to me. I don't know where it is, but the railing standing room is a good angle to see a show.
  5. hoogie

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    That is really weird. When my brother bought tickets, they were at $46 for GA. Now it says it's a seated venue, which I doubt. The only thing I can think of is that the balcony will be seated for this, but again, I've never seen that at the Music Hall, and I've been there a bunch of times. I know it's a good place to be, but I've never been up there. I'll reach out to them on Facebook, because that is strange.
  6. hoogie

    In a Place of Lesser Men

    I saw that too. I don't disagree with his opinion. That song seems a little off tonally from the rest of the album. I don't know if it's just the intro and the starting piano chord, but it does sound a little jarring when listening through the album. I don't dislike the song that much though, just doesn't really fit.
  7. hoogie

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    If he's taking requests, and I know he's not: Empty Road Champions of Nothing Vancouver National Anthem Running from Home Fine Art of Falling Apart Suburbia Tripoli Los Alamos Prime Time Deliverance Non Populus Set Me On Fire Some of these would be cool to hear reimagined for just an acoustic. I'm happy to hear any of it though.
  8. hoogie

    How Are You Finding The App?

    It still works for me, but I'm assuming you can no longer download it. Weird that they killed it.
  9. hoogie

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    ACOUSTIC worked for me too, yesterday.
  10. hoogie

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    Any word on VIP pricing? I haven't found anything other than the on-sale date for it.
  11. Show's less than a week away!! The new album is fantastic. There's a few songs that I love already..
  12. hoogie

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    That's a lot of shows! This should be a fantastic tour. I love the acoustic setting for Matt.
  13. hoogie

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    Sounds like a London show will be announced at 10 AM today. The radio DJ guys hinted at it earlier this morning.
  14. hoogie

    AC Tour Info

    Welcome back Matt. Good to see you back again. Looking forward to more announcements coming soon. The last acoustic tour was one of my favourite shows ever. I love the intimate setting and obviously the more rare songs that you're able to indulge us with occasionally are fantastic.
  15. Saw The Gaslight Anthem on Thursday night at Rebel in Toronto. One of my favorite concerts ever. It's hard to top that one, especially since they aren't really together anymore. Matt Mays opened up and was fantastic. He's one of those people whose stuff I really like but I've never actually seen live.

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