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  1. So, last night was my 6th time seeing Matt, and easily one of the best (if not best) shows he's played (that I've seen). I took a crapload of pictures with my friend's camera, and he's going to send them to me soon so I'll try and get some up on here... The Ladies And Gentlemen (in my opinion) were awesome... That Thomas D'Arcy guy is amazing. I met him after the show and told him. Hehe. So yeah, I know there were mixed reviews on this band, but I thought it was friggin awesome. I managed to write down the setlist on my cell as the show went on.. so here it is for whoever is wonde
  2. Yeah Dan (Hoverball). Limo driver "The Bored" sign. Do it. I'll likely be in black/white too... with the bright red toque of coruse.
  3. Myself and PCooper (Pat/Pattie to me) are gonna be there shortly after 4, so you gotta help us get to the front cause we wanna be there so bad. I'll be wearing a BRIGHT RED toque (one with a brim on it, you know the ones) and i have darkish hair, and thicker-frame glasses. Oh, and I'm short. Pattie's taller and has dark hair. I have pictures of me somewhere in the Picture forum somewhere. So if you see us, YELL AT US!!! (JENNY & PAT!!!!) See you then! CANT WAIT!
  4. Rooms version made me love this song when before it bored me. Eerie and fucking beautiful. Oh, and on the issue of the "compilation, nothing new" thing. I really do think that In A Coma was primarily meant for newer or less hardcore fans, yet still giving hardcore fans something other than a best-of (with rooms, the videos, the "making of"). Kinda smart when you think of it... you get sales from both the huge fans and the new/less huge fans.
  5. And what are the grounds on it being may?
  6. Myself and my good friend Pat (PCooper on here) are going together. He's also from the Shwa (well going to school there at UOIT) I want front row so baaaad. I've been to 5 shows and still haven't had the front row Matt experience. But if there's assholes, I'm gonna be pissed.
  7. BUMPING THIS SHIT UP!!!! Somebody sell Pat (PCooper) a ticket, PLEASE!!! He's coming with me and there's no way I'm going alone.
  8. yes you do have to be 19... SOMEBODY WITH TICKETS PLEEEEEAAAAASSSEEE CONTACT ME!!!! I have one, but my friend who is coming with me doesn't and he really really wants to go, he's desperate and is going to rely on scalpers otherwise... If anyone has any way of sending me or meeting with us to give it to us, PLEASE let me know ASAP! or email me method_gurl@hotmail.com THANK YOU!!!! EDIT: hahaha i just realized, friend at hand is PCooper!!! someone give this kid a ticket!!!!
  9. 1) Enjoy The Silence 2) Born To Kill 3) My Out of Style Is Coming Back 4) Agoraphobe 5) Carmelina 6) Prime Time Deliverance (orig) 7) The War is Over 8) Can
  10. i like jd because he is an asshole. and i do like his voice. i actually fucking love this show. its cliche with the whole idol type shit, but they are all really fucking good singers. especially jordis and marty. they both can have my babies.
  11. I didn't get to see the show ;) Stupid not being 19 until September. But I got totally hooked up by one of his people from Bernie Breen management and was at the soundcheck (which was very cool) and me, my boyfriend, bro and bro's friend sat in his tour bus and talked to him for an hour. Fucking awesome consolation.
  12. Welcome Home, right? it's fucking sexy. im pretty sure they played it at edgefest. new album in september, bitches! right in time for my birthday...
  13. it was pretty dumb, but i guess just dumb enough to win. lol. i rambled about building a matt good statue out of lego, dressing up as a stupid super hero, running around town hugging people and telling them to have a "matt good day" and in turn enduring multiple beatings... and then smothering myself in mayo and waiting in the hot sun for matt good to take me to his concert. well, i emailed him. we'll see if he has anything to say. at least he'll know that i was the first winner, and that i really wished i could have been there.
  14. Because I thought I would enter anyway... just because you never know. And at the time I didn't know it was in the Sault... I found out after. What could I do, take back my entry?
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