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  1. am i the only one, who is not a little bit annoyed in not getting the bonus tracks....besides this im lovin the album.
  2. i think more people would be hooked, if the radio would play songs other than strange days, rico, or apparitions etc....but radios go for popularity so i doubt they change it anytime soon. now if hunting for rabbits, or avalanche, and even 99% of us is failure would play, matts abums would sell out.
  3. winn23

    Bad Pennies!

    well i would prefer keira anne to be recorded before bad pennies anyday.
  4. for the vancouver cd, he should just have vancouver written in black in the corner, with a sign in the bottom corner that says "no parking." at least it would fit the title song perfectly!! ;)
  5. sweeeetttt....totally excited...though, when can we get keirra anne recorded.....anyone want to second this..
  6. id have to agree, partially, though wether it was matts best voice, is really his opinion. the solo matthew good songs, were great, and soem og the MGB songs, like blue skies over bad lands, were amazing. but giant, and load me up, though a classic. could have been better switched with fine art of falling apart, smoke and mirrors, tripoli, the kind of songs in a live performance i would kill to see, do to their acoustic properties, that only can be sung in a accoustic version, like matts i, throw away on youtube...ive lost track of wear i was going with this, but ya, thats what i think.
  7. ive had problems transfering matthew good songs, with album art to another computer when i rip them from a cd, but no problems with playing them. as for the copying issues....all i can say thank god im living in canada, cause if i was in the US and they saw my music library legaly vs. illegally music ratio....id be in court asap!
  8. DAMMIT! i missed them again...anyone want to send some love...?
  9. i agree, a newer version of an older orginal song can be a lot better, and moon over marin is way better than the orginal. johnny cash with his hurt cover from nine inch nails, pretty much stole it, and nine inch nails cant top that cover, especially when cash changed some of the lyrics to his own life story....
  10. no vinyl....well thats not a huge loss...to me anyway, yay for plastic cd's!
  11. im listening to the sound clips, i know, its sad, cause im one of those people who needs the cd....can wait for it.
  12. the version on youtube, of him singing, is the best--i wish he would turn it inot an acoustic version.
  13. hes changing it again....? and i just got used to the old one...i liked the older one, where he psoted the rarer songs that you could lsitne to, but thats gone.
  14. the three songs he has on his site, are just awesome, cant wait. but for the love of god, when is keira anne getting on a cd or at least in quality sounding format?
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