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  1. So I'm on about my 6th listen to the stream of "Vancouver" & I gotta say, it's fucking brilliant....and it's growing on me each listen. Matt's just a genius. It's that simple. Long gone are the raunchy rock tunes of the MGB era (which is a shame cause that shit kicked major ass), but in it's place are this gorgeous soundscapes he's creating now - melodic, anthem-esque, poignant and gently aggressive sonic masterpieces. He's so damn talented & so freakin' diverse. As a musician myself who plays & writes in a style not dis-similar to Matt I strive to emulate the essence of what he does - sonically flowing & lyrically profound. He just has that rare ability to reach inside of you & grab hold of that place within you that music is supposed to touch. He emotes like very, very few can. Vancouver, for me, does follow in the footsteps of Avalanche & Hospital Music - it's easy to tell this is the same artist, but there's something fresh about this record. Personal favs for me include 'Fought To Fight It', 'The Boy Who Could Explode', 'On Nights Like Tonight', 'Us Remains Impossible' & 'Volcanoes'. Now, if only he'll come to Austin!!!! You guys in Canada don't know how lucky you are - in so many ways!
  2. Ozzwald

    15 Hours....

    Hey you're welcome man. Just paying one forward - I got it from An Ocean Pearl, so cool, it's all good! Glad you like it!
  3. I voted for Audio Of Being, but I prolly should have voted for Underdogs. Audio got the nod only cause it's better produced than Underdogs & the songs on AOB are fuller & richer sounding - Underdogs is way rawer, but that's it's appeal too (I know I'm contradicting myself). I love 'em both. Underdogs will always be a sentimental fav for me cause that's the album that got me into MGB.
  4. What is the URL for Matt's facebook page? I'd like to stalk him....I mean check it out. LOL!
  5. Ozzwald

    15 Hours....

    Awesome! Thanks AOC! I PM'ed you.
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for a list of all the Matthew Good/Band demos & rarities that ya'll know of that are NOT on any of his official releases nor on those pre-MGB demos (Broken, Euphony, Left Of Normal, 15 Hours....) I know a lot of them have been here in the NF store & I'm looking for a definitive list. Thanks.
  7. Ozzwald

    15 Hours....

    Well if there's no "thank you" from me in the thread to someone by this time tomorrow, I'd be most grateful if you could do that. PM me & I'll give you my e-mail addy. ;) Thanks.
  8. I'm not sure if this is kosher to ask on here & I apologize if I'm out of line but can anyone tell me where I can get an MP3 copy of the Matthew Good Band demo "15 Hours On a September Thursday"? Torrents have been a no go.
  9. G'Day guys, I know these were never officially released, but can ya'll please tell me the year of release (or the year of production more to the point) for the following demos: * The Rodchester Kings - ...And In Closing (Ok, this was 1991 - I just found that) * Matthew Good - Broken * Matthew Good - Left Of Normal * Matthew Good - Euphony * Matthew Good Band - 15 Hours On A September Thursday I'd appreciate it, thanks.
  10. God that was freaking amazing. There is nothing better than Matthew Good & an acoustic guitar. Just wow.
  11. "Everything Is Automatic" was that MG song (or at least one of them for me). I remember being in another room while Much Music was blasting on the TV in the living room. I heard that opening riff & I remember thinking "Holy shit!!! Who the hell is this?!?!?". I ran into the living room & sat transfixed in front of the TV for the next 3-4 minutes. I went out & bought UNDERDOGS off the strength of that song & have been a freak for Matthew Good ever since, snapping up every release as soon as they hit the shelves pretty much. As has been mentioned already, the first time I stuck in AUDIO OF BEING & heard the opening notes of "Man Of Action" I was blown awy too. Other songs that have blown me away upon first listen include (but are not limited to) Suburbia, Failing The Rorschach Test, Running For Home, Giant (K-I-C-K-A-S-S, That's the way we spell success! - is prolly the best start to a song ever!), While We Were Hunting Rabbits (just an absolutely phenonenal piece of music), 21st Century Living, Near Fantastica (which may very well be my fav mellower Matt Good song ever), Indestructable, Fated, Buffalo Seven, Flight Recorder From Viking 7, Generation X-Wing, Omissions Of The Omen, Symbolistic White Walls & The Inescapable Us. Oh and The Rat Who Would Be King. This is one of my fave MG songs ever! His voice is absolutely incredible in that song! He is the king of emoting. Shit Matt Good is a freakin' genius.
  12. Any chance of someone re-upping this to yousendit please? Cheers.
  13. Is anyone able to re-up these songs to yousendit? That'd be great. Thanks.
  14. I voted "worse" but worse is way too harsh a word. As I said in another thread, "Avalanche" is a benchmark for me in terms of Matt's solo stuff. "Hospital Music" is definately right up there, but marginally less brilliant than "Avalanche". I could have happily voted "Equal". LOL
  15. Hmmmm....I have bought from these guys before & am about to buy the double disc of "In A Coma" on ebay this evening. I will steer clear of Sound City just in case. Thanks for the unintentional heads up.
  16. Just to add my two cents about the new album...... "Hospital Music" is the very first MG/MGB album that I wasn't instantly in love with. The first listen through I was disappointed but I must say I wasn't able to give it my complete attention at the time. Of course being a Matt Good work, I was always going to give it the benefit of the doubt & I listened again when I was able to seriously do so & well, lets just say, very quickly realized the error of my ways & have been repenting ever since! LOL! Having listened now about 10 times (and to Moon Over Marin about 110 times - man what a BRILLIANT version!) I can easily say that it's every bit as good as everthing else he's released as a solo artist (it's difficult to compare his solo stuff with the MGB stuff cause it's so different). Avalanche was & still is the benchmark for me in terms of his solo endeavours but Hospital Music is right up there. It's like it's as good, but in a more subtle way somehow. I'm lovin' it. Matt Good just fucking emotes! Now, the wait begins again........
  17. Ozzwald

    In My Opinion

    Matt should just keep releasing albums period. Everything he does is fucking brilliant.
  18. The Fine Art Of Falling Apart Tuning: EADGAD
  19. There's a LEAST a dozen Matthew Good/Band songs that do that to me. At least.
  20. I've got all three AOB's. Two of the white one I think! LOL!
  21. Yeah Chris, that is a KILLER line! Here's another awesome one from THE FINE ART OF FALLING APART (Holy crap the Loswer Anthems EP is just brilliant!) "You see I used to think that I'd get over everything But everything just got Over me"
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