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  1. Wish he could sell copies of the streams afterwards.
  2. I saw a bunch of people who bought tickets couldn't get into the Zoom feed. I assume those are them.
  3. Says 822 participants. Basically zero overhead, glad he gets some good profit fro the show. $20 x 822 = $16,440. Killer coin for a few hours work lol.
  4. This is terrible news. RIP Rich. It's been a rough ride for so many rock musicians who came up in the 90's from the west coast of North America. I don't understand it.
  5. Wow, thank you so much for making this and posting it here John! This is legendary. I've never heard of a lot of this info. Minority opinion but LOTGA is my favorite MGB album.
  6. I really like the new "Back of the Tiger" on his site. Victory is Free sounds like the Sheepdogs:
  7. Professional artists create art, but also operate like any business-person. Music is sold as a product to customers (fans) for profit. Profit is price minus cost. Price is determined by supply & demand, which has changed a lot in the last 20 years in music obviously, with supply flooded with cheap or free music. Business is darwinism: Adapt or die. You can be Blockbuster, or Netflix. It's also true that people often get out of something what they put into it. You've been fortunate to have a strong enough following to keep your business afloat the last 25 years without changing the formula much: write, record, release, tour, & repeat every 2 years, + throw in some social media posts. There's been changes in the content of the main product (music), but it's been the same producer (Warne), less social media presence (marketing) over time to connect with customers (fans), similar merch forumla etc. Maybe it's time to energize things beyond just music content, i'd start on social media including Youtube, since it's free marketing. I remember people really loved "Garage Wine" lol. Business also has a motto: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Big changes in touring & your music is financial risk, and risks need to be smart. Much less risk if changes come outside things that cost a lot of money, which is why I suggest change in social media etc. ie: Start your own weekly Youtube show, create contests, or whatever, it could be a lot of fun for you & fans with little risk. Lots of entertainment options out there now, musicians need to "cut through the mix". I'd say embrace the business side with the same creativity as your music. I think a lot of your product has become you and your personal stories and how it connects with fans. I don't think Hospital Music had such a strong debut because it was your best music, but because of your story around that time, how much you shared with fans, and how everyone emotionally connected with you & that album. You sell music, but you also sell things like hope & belonging. What a wonderful job to have!
  8. What a cool jam. Loved it. I'd take an album of stuff like that, or EP, or just anything lol. He has a real talent with jazz type music.
  9. Why would there be a need for this?
  10. If rents aren't paid, people with investment property etc. cant pay their mortgages. Rents should be paid. At this point people who were working and making money need to have income to pay their bills. The gov can't process millions of EI claims manually, it's impossible. They need to just give out EI money to people by automatically approving them and take their word for it. If people turn out not eligible they can always claw back the money later, that would take years to go through all these EI claims and overpayments. Business owners impacted also need income protection. This is much more serious than the 2008 housing crisis. Shit is going to hit the fan after the 1st of April once people aren't being able to pay rents, mortgages, and bills.
  11. I don't think making the banking system collapse would be good for the economy. See 2008 in USA. The gov would bail them out. Better solution is pass legislation deferring mortgage payments without extra interest, then have the gov loan banks money so they don't fold. Banks want people to stay in their homes so they get those payments eventually, but they also need the money they're rightfully owed.
  12. If attendance is going to start sucking it makes sense for musicians and sports venues to start cancelling and try to reschedule from a financial perspective. But I don't know shit.
  13. Crappy timing on for this tour for you brother, in more ways than one. Wish you safe travels. Respect for you marching on. Vancouver and GTA are Matt's bread and butter and the most affected by COVID-19. That stinks. I'm going to wait closer to show day before buying a ticket, even though I don't live in either of those places. Hopefully the virus dies down by the summer, I wanna check out Rage Against the Machine come festival season, along with Moist/Headstones/Tea Party.
  14. Drive to Hamilton the tickets are $60 there.
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