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  1. I think this is Matt's best video in at least 15 years. It's a great video. The song is catchy, and the lyrics are great. My first guess as to the meaning of the song/video is that he's talking about all the shit his fans/the public gives him about his personal life and relationships, and how even though he's famous and should be accustomed to it these comments still hurt him. This eludes to him wearing the clown makeup also, maybe he feels like sometimes he's treated as just a performer simply for our own entertainment (a clown) and us fans sometimes don't treat him like a real human being with feelings. I get that from this: " Maybe I'm just bad at things, Maybe I'm just better off camera, 'Cause I feel everything, And you know, maybe it's time I oughta". I think Sicily, where Matt vacationed to Italy recently, was maybe a place Matt could feel free, and completely anonymous without all the BS that comes with fame, a place where he and a new relationship can be free of the burdens and drama of Canada. Maybe the song is referring to him getting over his ex, some drama between them that's happened, and moving on to a new relationship.
  2. I'll try to take a stab at the lyrics: Sit atop a mountain Listen with a soup can In the south he’s not a liar Just the leader of a bad band - [Sounds like Donald Trump, the bad band being alt-right anti-immigrant and/or neo-nazi types] That in Europe get together An in secret praise the people That my grandad fought in the lowlands - [these lines referring to neo-nazis praising the Nazis who his grandad fought in WWII i assume] At the Scheldt got shot to pieces So they could rehash their allegiance To a national convenience - [blaming convenient scapegoat groups for our ills - Jews as Nazis do, Muslims, immigrants etc, and nationalism/national socialism] That preys on easy difference - [right-wing identity politics & ethnic nationalism blaming "the other", just like Hitler did] You know fear it’s just a weakness - [fear of the other] And ya, it’s been one of them years Well the poor they’re there to pity But only from a distance - [Seems to be referring to the poor in poor foreign countries, like asylum seekers, Syrian refugees etc. Mocking anti-immigrant types and our society in general, saying well we feel bad for you poor people, but we don't want you in our country] Pull on your tender heart strings - [like dead Syrian boy washed ashore Alan Kurdi, yet the backlash against Syrian refugees across the West] The price of an every day existence Emma Lazarus was wrong Fuck your teeming huddled parasitics [Mocking anti-immigrant types here again, twisting the poem on the base of the statue of liberty] Somehow kids from Nicaragua Well they’re invading West Virginia Maybe they’re looking for Ollie North - [Oliver North was a US military official involved in the Iran-Contra scandal where he helped fund anti-socialist government Contras in Nicaragua] Maybe what you got you get it in you I seem to remember things that mattered That no longer count as anything And ya, it’s been one of them years Oh the sea ain’t really rising baby You’re just getting shorter Never mind the science Them vaccinations cause dysphoria And them pictures of the planet They’ve been doctored So it looks like a place akin to heaven But only from a distance [Seems like this part is Matt's mocking rightwing climate change deniers, anti-vaxxers etc] Nobody likes your headscarf But they wear masks in the resistance Who don’t really have any answers But they’re great at pointing fingers [pointing out hypocrisy of alt-right folks] And ya, it’s been one of them years You can only fool the people The other half the time we’re sleeping So that’s pretty much the bag And bag men never want for reasons So drinks are on the house Because the house always wins And baby you know that I’ve wasted a lot of time A lot of time just thinking When thinking’s overrated Compared to reactionary blinking - [a reactionary in politics means someone who is not only conservative but wants to return society to a previous time, the opposite of progressive. Matt's saying he spends a lot of time thinking and may kind of regret all that time as it seems wasted, because many people don't seem to be thinking much these days and those people seem to be winning a lot] So I’m sitting here reflecting On what I could’ve done [could have done with all his time instead of sitting around reading news articles and thinking etc?] And ya, it’s been one of them years Sit atop a mountain Listen with a soup can For a distant whistle Buy a dog so he can And ya it’s been one of them years So basically this song is lamenting a lot of alt-right identity politics and other right-wing politics in the news the last while that he disagrees with.
  3. Anyone take a shot at the lyrics yet? Here's a video of the new song:
  4. Doubtful anything but WLRRR gets printed again. Wish they did but not expecting it. I bought 2 copies of LOES on vinyl when it came out. Now I can't find them in my house and haven't seen them for years LOL. I remember bringing one of them or maybe both to a concert in Ottawa at the NAC to get one of them signed during the LOES tour (but didn't bother getting it signed). I wonder if I left one or both of them at the concert venue LOL. That sucks because it would really sound awesome on vinyl i bet, one of my fav albums, i never got to listen to it on vinyl before i misplaced it.
  5. How I try to interpret Matt's lyrics is to consider: - The context of the album as a whole, whether it's a concept album or has a central theme, how that theme might relate to the lyrics in a given song - What's been going on in Matt's life either interest-wise (ie: political events) or personally (ie: having kids) that he's shared around the time the song was written - Any general personal interests of Matt (ie: politics, soccer etc) or themes that he's talked about or sung about in the past (ie: mental health, the state of the music industry, US foreign policy etc) that might provide clues. Matt's always been really into covert operations in US foreign policy, he likes figuring out all secret CIA shit that's been done now & throughout the decades, likes figuring out a complex puzzle, and I think he likes making his lyrics like that too, a puzzle for us to figure out.
  6. I've gone over the lyrics to all of the songs on "Something Like a Storm" numerous times. Some songs are a lot easier to interpret their meaning than others. Matt has a very poetic style of lyric writing. Often they can be extremely vague, and for some songs it's like he writes the lyrics for himself to enjoy and express and no intention for us to know, or it takes a darned English professor to extract the symbolism & metaphor etc. Some songs are impossible to interpret their original meaning because many of his songs can be about personal matters we aren't privy to. After learning the meaning of different songs through different interviews of his, there's just no way anyone could ever interpret the lyrics accurately for some songs because they were based on personal matters he never shared with his fans. This song I've tried to interpret with some vague theories, like immigration (and refugees) in the US and Canada, or possibly something to do with aboriginals, immigrants, European migrants to North America, and nationalism. It could also have to do with something cyclical about humans and their relation to the environment and humans as part of the whole animal ecosystem where it's a timeless battle for survival for all living things. I really am not 100% sure. Again, it's vague. As a listener it can be frustrating because I want to connect to the lyrics and to the artist and share in its meaning, but because of the vagueness it's impossible. An album like LOES was still complex lyrically but I found as a whole a bit easier to interpret with some work, and a genius of an album lyrically & musically. I like songs that are complex enough to take some work to figure out, but not so vague that it's possible to do so with some mental effort. Avalanche was an album like that. What do you think this song means?
  7. I see what you're saying, but I think I feel the same as Daniel does. Luke is on a different journey than Yoda or Ben, and obviously also didn't have nearly close to the same amount of Jedi training as Yoda & Obi-wan, who had decades to train & learn wisdom from many masters, while luke had a few sessions of actual training, so his wisdom won't quite be like Yoda or Obi-Wan. Luke is also showing wisdom though by wanting the Jedi to end, he's doing it for GOOD. He sees that Yoda and Obi-Wan were complete failures as teachers to Anakin, and their choice to train him, despite Yoda sensing "much fear" in young Anakin in Episode 1, led to the deaths of billions of people and untold suffering. Luke didn't want that to happen again, and he saw that path happening again in Kylo. Luke said he looked inside Ben in that moment and saw great darkness, and visions of the future where "he would bring destruction, and pain, and death, and the end of everything I love because of what he would become", which could have included visions of his Jedi training temple, the turning to the dark side of some of his students while killing the rest, Kylo helping create the First Order & destroying the New Republic & billions on the Republic capital (in Force Awakens), killing his best friend Han Solo etc. So essentially he's becoming the next Darth Vader so if in that one instant Luke feels a temptation to end all that suffering by killing Ben, well I think that's more than understandable. If any of us could kill Hitler in 1938 would that be evil to be tempted to do so, or even to do so? I'm sure Luke did everything in his power to lead Ben to the light, but he failed, just like Yoda and Obi-Wan failed with Anakin, and it led to billions of deaths, why wouldn't Luke be tempted if just for an instant to prevent similar? Luke was hopeful in the original trilogy, but he also had anger in him then too, he decapitated Vader in the cave vision on Dagobah, he showed anger fighting Vader in ESB and ROTJ even after becoming a Jedi, he cut off Vader's hand at the end of ROTJ in rage after Vader said he was going to turn his sister Leia. Luke is a good person but not infallible or immune from all dark side temptations.
  8. I'm sad all his posts are gone too, I agree it's frustrating, & it's been frustrating when the old blogs disappeared too, which contained a lot of meaning for a lot of people not to mention historical value as a record. But also we don't know what was said to him in the PM's, maybe even with good intentions, but could have made him feel hurt, offended, angry etc. And I remember Matt mentioning many years ago that he didn't know if he could continue blogging because of legal problems from the things he's written, maybe from his ex-wife or whatever who knows. So maybe he had no choice sometimes? Matt's also been very open about his bipolarity, which is a mood disorder, and has been open that he's been going through a lot of hard times personally & health-wise lately, so maybe these decisions that may seem rash to us happen at a low point & then something upsets him like this, or maybe not, who knows, we really don't know so we should just respect his decision & wish him the best. We've been really blessed to have Geoff and Matt post here over the years.
  9. doesn't show up for me on my PC at home
  10. I thought Matt mentioned it's been on pretty much every album since WLRRR. And it was used extensively live since then. Did you buy it from him? If so, can I have it?
  11. A poster (signed) with VIP is ok as a bonus, but $150 for soundcheck when tickets to the actual concert are half that price is ridiculous. A group photo is meh, and certainly not worth the price. Definitely skipping VIP, for $150 I want a ticket too. Not sure if I'll even go to the show, OLP are neat but I've never bought their album. This tour is most appealing to casual fans of both bands i think.
  12. Greatest hits show with limited set? punch me in the face :|
  13. Listened to the new album a number of times now, my review: A very good album, I've enjoyed it very much, some of it brilliant, some super-catchy, other songs are a bit too pedestrian. The central theme of it I understand & I think is very important politically, but several of the songs have quite cryptic lyrics where I've yet to fully understand the theme of the song, such as There The First Time, Days Come Down, and This Is Night, so as a concept album it hasn't hit me yet like ie: LOES did. My 1st impression of the album is that many of the songs have a more uplifting melody than a usual MG album, as songs like Bad Guys Win/Decades/There The First Time/Days Come Down are quite catchy while some of their meanings may actually be more dark. Army of Lions was probably the 1st MG/MGB song I remember ever wanting to dance to, but several songs on SLAS have an upbeat danceable groove, like There The First Time & Days Come Down. The band is so damn tight live so far, especially when they played for Alan Cross' secret launch party, they sound just like on the album! Some of that might have to do with the pre-recorded elements, but recording live off the floor I think benefited the band. The 80's vibe of songs like Decades/There The First Time seems to mesh surprisingly well with the rest of the album that mixes keys/piano, orchestration, and jazz (Bullets...). I absolutely adore the keys & instrumentals on Men At The Door & Bullets. The biggest highlights on SLAS & CN have been the jazzy songs (Cold Water, Tiger By The Tail, Bullets...), and if you include LOES then IMO the best songs he's recorded in the last 10 years have been the jazzier ones, Matt has really found a brilliant sound here that I think will come to largely define his post-MGB career when all is said & done. I wish the economics of mass appeal meant he could explore these jazz sounds more & create more albums like LOES. I'll rate the songs: Bad Guys Win - 7/10 - I like the message, but the music is a bit too pedestrian for me. Decades - 8/10 Men at the Door - 9/10 - Truthful lyrics, love the keys at the end There the First Time - 9/10 - Awesome beat, catchy song Days Come Down - 9.5/10 - So catchy, great groove, wonderful lyrics Something Like a Storm - 7/10 - Insightful lyrics, but music didn't quite come together IMO, orchestration was a bit too over-the-top She's Got You Where She Wants You - 7/10 - Sounds kinda like an 80's love song, but otherwise doesn't do much for me This is Night - 5/10 - Much preferred Lone Gunman. The "Vancouver" sound sounds out of place & stale now, felt the same with All Your Songs & Daughters Bullets in a Briefcase - 10/10 - Brilliant
  14. Metallica, even in the 80's, used lots of fadeouts. For Whom The Bell Tolls, Fade To Black, Escape, Orion, Jump In The Fire etc. I like the fadeouts on the new MG album, gives it a throwback feel. Wish the album came on cassette LOL.
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