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  1. Not unsurprising. But never count the man out. Either way he could use some time out of the spotlight.
  2. Stuff gets cut I guess. The Tribus songs look like tracks from an album that was coming out, but may not now, or may still, who knows.
  3. Amazing stuff. A Matthew/Hayley production. Can't wait to hear more.
  4. It has been almost 20 years. They probably forget half the things they even fought over, and I'm sure minds change over time.
  5. The console gaming industry is virtually dead. It's sad. Games on phones now I guess.
  6. Tricky thing is that apologizing and admitting guilt could make him more vulnerable to potential harassment lawsuits or whatnot from whomever. But not really addressing/owning anything means there will always be an elephant in the room. He's in a tough spot. I also hope he seeks help for his own sake at least.
  7. Re-reading what I wrote, it didn't come off in tone as I meant it, apologies to Sharon. I made a small correction. That is a VERY nice thing for her to do. I'm not criticizing her for doing it at all, i'm just saying he doesn't owe her $2000. But I get her point of it, in that a fan did something very nice for him, which I think a fair # of fans do for him, and yet he treats many of his female fans terribly. We are complex creatures. There's lots of normally nice guys who lie and cheat on their wives. Many men will do some wild things, including destroy
  8. Did he ask you to do this for him? If you did it on your own accord with all due respect he doesn't owe you the money. I agree with the last few sentences. edited for tact.
  9. 50% of the general public are morons. 25% are absolute irredeemable trash. Don't take it personally.
  10. Saying this behaviour is due to psychosis is excusing the behaviour. It's saying he's not responsible for it and blaming it on an illness. It's nonsense. I'm sure his life hasn't been easy due to mental illness, but i've also never seen the guy punch Stu in the mouth for missing a chord., or rage-quit a show like Axl Rose (another bipolarity sufferer), or suddenly jump in the crowd and hump a fan. He may have also been in states of psychosis before, but in 20+ years I've never witnessed the man lose control other than maybe a terse comment, which could be a result of a mood dis
  11. From everything I've read it sounds like Matt has some psychological issues that go beyond his bipolar disorder, rooted in a narcissistic victim complex. Sometimes people are victims to things outside their control, but that's different than having a victim complex, where a person blames all of their own failures on factors beyond their control, which is convenient way to avoid taking personal responsibility for anything. I'm sure MG is probably still blaming all of this on his bipolarity to protect the ego from having to admit fault. Add all of the manipulation, lying, and cheat
  12. If MG got penis enlargement surgery and kept posting IG pics of himself in tight underwear i'd be saying the exact same thing. This isn't about men vs women so stop turning it into that. My point is that they all seem like self-serving narcissists and make me gag, including MG. And that doesn't mean what Hayley is saying isn't true and that she wasn't emotionally abused and lied to and cheated on. Nobody deserves that. I feel bad for all the alleged victims who have shared their stories.
  13. When you were a kid did your mom get breast implants and flash her cleavage for the world to see? They can do whatever they want, i'm saying these don't seem like the most grounded people in the world. Momma didn't raise no fool. And I'm not defending MG, bird's of a feather...
  14. It's a bit weird that she was in the video and that they also collaborated on the latest as-of-yet unreleased album he just recorded. Is that from his insistence? Is it an organic occurrence? Or is she trying to make a career for herself too and using him as a vehicle? Her IG page says she's a "model" and "beatmaker". I've always found it odd that with both her and his ex-wife they have both IG pages of themselves flaunting their large breasts in provocative poses for all his fans to view and follow. And Jen we all know was an opportunistic character. And now we learn that all
  15. She's said that she wants this exposed so he's held accountable and so that other fans knows what's happening so that this cycle doesn't continue. That said, they also just broke up, so it would be naive to think there isn't some emotions of post-breakup revenge going on here. But they didn't break up amicably, Hayley said he cheated on her and lied about it, and was emotionally abusive/manipulative, and I guess when she started talking about it other women came forward with their stories, so here we are. If it was just Hayley then i'd be much more skeptical, but there's just been a lot of
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