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  1. I don't think he could really say anything even if he wanted to because of legal reasons.
  2. It's not just about the cheating though, there's all sorts of abuse allegations involved by her and fans. Given the state of the industry and the tastes of his fans and these events a lot of me wonders what genius we have missed from the jazz-rock albums Matt could have put out, follow-ups to LOES, Cold Water, Tiger by the Tail etc. There was a point where musically he was hitting the heights of Avalanche with that stuff, maybe surpassing it. And the amazing thing is the jazz stuff is completely the opposite in emotion to Avalanche. Something like Rabbits is just pure euphoria, whereas the jazz stuff is so mellow and gentle. I think he did the rock version of that with Moving Walls but it didn't quite hit the same, more of a run-of-the-mill singer-songwriter album.
  3. The woman managed to show up in one of his videos, then managed to record an entire album with him. When the album (and relationship) fell through she managed to make herself famous by dragging his name through the mud (deservedly so). Meanwhile she posts half-naked photos of herself bouncing her ass on a public social media account and now from what it sounds like sells pornographic pictures of herself. Oh and she drives a BMW. These are the actions of an attention seeker. Not saying the things she's said are untrue, but it's obvious that least part of her M.O. has been using Matt to get famous and further her career to hell or high water and it worked. As for new music, i'm sure once a proper amount of time has passed, maybe another 6 months or so, i think MG will probably come out of the woodwork and at some point at least post some demos or whatnot. I'm sure he'll tour again in some capacity.
  4. This is a rad project. I'm pretty sure my Windows XP gaming-savvy desktop circa 2001 still works in the basement. AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1ghz processor, Sound Blaster sound card, some kind of Radeon card, DVD-writer, Gravis gamepad, Logitech joystick, can't remember the amount of RAM but it was a ton at the time.
  5. The thing is, throughout my life pretty much everything and everyone I've cared about, besides my wonderful parents, has turned out to be a lie. I was taught to believe phony stories about Jesus and God, I believed in Santa Claus, the baseball heroes from my youth whose posters I had on my wall turned out to be steroid cheaters, the He-Man toys and stories i loved turned out to just be a way for a corporation to make cash from plastic and TV cartoon ads, and now Disney is pimping my beloved Star Wars like a whore, not to mention good friends who abandoned me all along the way. Now it turns out Matt Good was a lie, at least a lot of it. But how do I abandon the songs I took through my teens and 20's and beyond? If I abandon everything I ever loved I'm left with nothing. I can be disappointed with the artist but I can't give up the art, it's too much a part of me, and too painful. If I can't believe in Jesus anymore at least these old songs can give me comfort when I need it. I need some kind of illusion in my life to protect me from all the disillusion. Sorry to the people he's hurt, i'm still with you.
  6. You're a very kind and generous person. Don't change, even if you get hurt sometimes.
  7. I remember when he released these on his website. I'm almost positive that nothing was ever released from that song besides this. Yeah it's a really cool clip.
  8. Not unsurprising. But never count the man out. Either way he could use some time out of the spotlight.
  9. Stuff gets cut I guess. The Tribus songs look like tracks from an album that was coming out, but may not now, or may still, who knows.
  10. Amazing stuff. A Matthew/Hayley production. Can't wait to hear more.
  11. It has been almost 20 years. They probably forget half the things they even fought over, and I'm sure minds change over time.
  12. The console gaming industry is virtually dead. It's sad. Games on phones now I guess.
  13. Tricky thing is that apologizing and admitting guilt could make him more vulnerable to potential harassment lawsuits or whatnot from whomever. But not really addressing/owning anything means there will always be an elephant in the room. He's in a tough spot. I also hope he seeks help for his own sake at least.
  14. Re-reading what I wrote, it didn't come off in tone as I meant it, apologies to Sharon. I made a small correction. That is a VERY nice thing for her to do. I'm not criticizing her for doing it at all, i'm just saying he doesn't owe her $2000. But I get her point of it, in that a fan did something very nice for him, which I think a fair # of fans do for him, and yet he treats many of his female fans terribly. We are complex creatures. There's lots of normally nice guys who lie and cheat on their wives. Many men will do some wild things, including destroy their own families and careers, just to bust a nut, and we've seen that a lot in the last 5 years.
  15. Did he ask you to do this for him? If you did it on your own accord with all due respect he doesn't owe you the money. I agree with the last few sentences. edited for tact.
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