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  1. Ya didn't INVITE ME!!! Otherwise I would have, for sure... Fuck me, the wine is expensive at the Metropolitan `hotel. I ran up a $150+ bar bill last Thursday night...
  2. Sorry guys for late reply. Flight home was diverted to Ireland: here, we have horrendous snow
  3. Hehehe...thanks for the tip. It's jeans and biker boots for me anyway...I don't own a dress> nor heels for that matter...
  4. Thanks guys...I will write all the questions down, including the D&G underwear question, haha. Yep, first time to Vancouver though I've been to Canada many times before.
  5. If anyone has any questions about the new album, technical or otherwise, post here. I will do my best to get some answers, if Matthew will oblige. Bear in mind I know f*ck all about music, technically so, unless you delight in me looking a total idiot, keep it simple. ;)
  6. I've gotten you a nice print BTW...fingers crossed for gettin' it signed
  7. Perfectionism comes at a price. I mean, can you imagine Matthew saying at any time "...oh fuck it, that'll do..." I mean, I can say it in my job, from time to time...but he won't, for sure. So, yeah, long hours, blood, sweat and tears...that's why we love him
  8. Hehehe... I'd go for Century Living too.
  9. I'm staying alone downtown. I F* HATE cities. Is it safe?
  10. Love Duane's HDR shots. I wonder if Matthew has already commissioned a design... The font is the log in / log out typeface from the blog. It doesn't sit right on here at all though...
  11. We met in Kingston and are friends now.
  12. Umm...it hasn't materilased from Shane yet. You should be fine with Maple.
  13. Good call. Can I nominate another one?
  14. I have no idea right now. That's up to Matthew; he'll sort something. The thing is, as I am travelling from the UK I couldn't make it last year, so the deal was that I come over in January; I have no clue what's in store. And that's what's so exciting, really. ;)
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