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  1. i think he posted something about them calling him the devil while he was on his acoustic tour!
  2. what is the hub? i tried going to his site but it says it doesn't work!
  3. thanks so much! i never realized he sometimes tunes the high e down. and pledge tab is soo amazing:)
  4. acoustic version of near fantastica is amazing
  5. it must be such a pain, because they just changed it not too long ago, he has so much stuff going on, with the cd and all the problems and miscommunications with the preordering. he needs a vacation lol
  6. yeah! i love how he sings songs differently almost each time, one of my favourite examples of this is suburbia:D the last chorus is unbelievable.
  7. for future reference, how do i post mp3s in my posts... (Sorry if it is a stupid question) lol.
  8. i know, i wish he would still have the contributers too, i wonder why he isn't using wordpress anymore...
  9. i liked billy's recent solo album, i'd say my favourite song they've "played" is the acoustic version of thin lizzy' dancing in the moonlight. and album wise siamese dream for sure.
  10. i hope that he gets things all set up the way he likes them:) i would be upset though if he got rid of the blog all together but he says he won't so lets hope!
  11. i read that too, i heard that he wishes he never had it published.
  12. hey there i found it! so if you want i can send it to you!
  13. It was SO good, i've been dying for his writing ever since i read "at last there is nothing left to say" he is a genius. i hope it returns soon.
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