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  1. He's also a damn fine musician. He was in Moxy Fruvous, then played solo for a while before becoming enslaved by our beloved CBC.
  2. Man I wish I'd seen that >Play interview. I'm a big Jian Ghomeshi fan, too.
  3. I'll be in Washington DC then...
  4. I love the White Stripes, I just boguht De Stijl this week, and haven't stopped listening to it. -They sound like early/mid period Beatles. -They are stripped down, simple, not processed -They bring in a lot of influence from Jazz, Blues, Blegrass, and Classic Rock -They have a hell of a lot of style -Jack White reportedly turned down $1 million to do a Gap Ad, for which I really respect him. All in all, they're simple, fun rock. Maybe not too complicated or sophisticated, but damn stylish.
  5. I rented it last night, and once it was over, I turned on the Tv, and there it was! Arg! It was a really really good movie, though.
  6. I wouldn't even know animosity like this existed between girls, as a guy, I see none of it.
  7. I finished it within 12 hours of starting, going from 9 or so until 4, outside on my porch.
  8. Country music makes me want to vomit with rage.
  9. Omissions is one of my favourite MGB songs, and I what I would call some of th best lyrics of any song.
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