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  1. Ah added Rabbits to the list. Forgot that one.
  2. Just a game I thought of. See, on many of Matt's record, there are songs I consider masterpieces. Songs that are simply epic and could become untimely classics. So I thought I dress a list up just for fun in chronological order cos I'm lazy: -Apparitions -Suburbia -Born To Kill -Man of Action -Sort of a Protest Song -Weapon -Avalanche -While We Were Hunting Rabbits -Champions of Nothing -Empty's Theme Park -Non Populus Edit: I added Rabbits. Thanks Gomo! ;)
  3. There's the picking as well. It's not the same. Matt does goes up and down with the string as Milos does it with his finger a bit slower.
  4. Oh it is. I don't like the way he plays Great Whales but that's probably the way Matt asked him to do it. But I prefer the way Matt did it on the record. Otherwise he's an awesome bass player and does a good job with and without a plectrum.
  5. I don't think the sequence was lost, I remember him saying they couldn't get around it. Which surprised me so maybe I'm wrong. Then again, he could easily resample it from the record or play it with the guitar like Last Parade. As for Milos, he's not in the Heartbroken. That's why he's still on board. Only Stu and Blake are in that band. And given that Matt and Ian are the only MGB members still talking, I agree, it would be awesome if Ian joined back. Christian too.
  6. Crusader: Yes they have Moonlight: It's a 50/50 thing. There's that but also, Matt could show them new songs he hasn't played in a while like Near Fantastica. When this band was formed, I think Matt said something like they had to learn the songs from the CDs (which is why Load Me Up was so slow at first I think). But he also said that they couldn't get Near Fantastica worked out with the loop. Finally, with all what Matt said about the Vancouver music scene, I doubt they'll be Vancouverites...I could be wrong though.
  7. Yes it is. Definitely an earworm...
  8. He didn't ditch anyone. Rich and Matt are no longer on speaking terms. I don't know what happened to Christian but Pat went back to play with The Odds after recording Hospital Music.
  9. Where can we hear the first one?
  10. Avalanche is about bipolarity? Strange, he wasn't even diagnosed yet...where did you hear that, I'd love to listen to the interview! Otherwise I really like this record and, as Moonlight said, the meaning of the songs really help! LOES for example I really started liking a lot after knowing what the lyrics were. THe meaning are part of the song and its arrangements!
  11. Matt announced on M+ (am I allowed to post this here?) that Stuart and Blake, also members of the band The Heartbroken, won't be going on tour with him but that things were "well in hands". I wonder who's going to fill in...
  12. Damn! This is easily one of his best songs ever isn't it?
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