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  1. Wow, I hadn't been here in a while, and this is such a sad, terrible shock to come back to. ;) Rest in peace, Geoff. Thanks for the awesome songs and for being so great to your fans.
  2. I hope you have a wonderful time, Jane! And this is so thoughtful of you to see if anyone has questions for MG. ;) I second the question about how album art gets picked, but can't think of anything else. Enjoy yourself!
  3. Has Matt ever played Man of Action in concert? I also really wish I could see it (and all of Audio of Being, for that matter) live. My favorite parts are the intro and from around 4:45 until the end--specifically where Matt sings the second "if this is us in control of ourselves" before it launches into the guitar outro ... such an explosive moment!
  4. Man, I wish I had snagged a set list from back in those days. Can you remember any of the other "altered" titles you guys had on them? Those are hilarious ... (Also, just wanted to say I've really enjoyed reading this thread! You seem like a really cool, upstanding guy, Geoff. ;) )
  5. I ... didn't realize you could download videos off of YouTube. Damn my complete lack of technological savviness. D: ...... *did* someone download them (and if so, would they be willing to share them? ;) )
  6. Thanks for the rec! I'm working my way through his Failure stuff now. I can't believe I'd never heard of this guy before.
  7. I first found a link to the biography in the info section of thevoid999's vids, so I don't think it's such crazy speculation. It does seem like they could at least be connected to the person who wrote it. Whatever the case, it totally sucks that all those vids are gone. Thanks, mystery person, way to deprive the MG fan community of awesomeness. I'm sad now. ;)
  8. Thanks for the link to Massacre in Disguise. I'd never seen that site before. That guy's front page would be fun as an album cover (Mattzilla strolls/rampages through Vancouver!) And hum-an-ole, I like your tweaked design! The Helvetica and the night scene add just the right amount of edge to it.
  9. The Vancouver cover is very pretty, but it does seem too brochure like. I feel like Matt would want something showing the darker side of the city, unless he was trying to be ironic.
  10. Thanks so much for sharing these! I've been dying to see some vids of MGB live (aside from the Load Me Up MMVA one). These are awesome. And look at that crowd (and Matt's hair =P). *is in heaven*
  11. Just downloaded God Is an Astronaut. I'm only on the third song, but I'm already loving it. Thanks so much for sharing this! Very Explosions In the Sky-like.
  12. From a critical standpoint, I recognize the album has a lot of problems. As a casual listener, I still like it. I was trying to reconcile those two viewpoints in my comments, and clearly it didn't work. =) And I actually traveled here from 1996, not '97. Not a bad guess, though, only one year off. Now where'd I park that damn time machine ....
  13. I'm kind of relieved they seem to be doing a shot for shot version of the comic. If they did make changes to the film version that were in keeping with the original's spirit or that improved on it (the way Nolan improved the Batman universe) I'd be happy, but I'm still pretty wary about any "interpretations" Hollywood does. For every Dark Knight there's a Fantastic Four. I'd rather they play it safe, especially since I don't think there's much that could improve The Watchmen (aside from cutting out a lot of that stuff with the newspaper vendor and that pirate ship comic that I've forgotten
  14. I definitely agree with the terrible lyrics bit--they're pretty cringe worthy at times, and I've mostly been ignoring them. After several listens, my super quick track-by-track review goes something like this: 1. "Chinese Democracy" - Terrible. 2. "Shackler's Revenge" - Terrible. 3. "Better" - Awesome. I think this song is a nice mix of catchy hooks and rocking out. 4. "Street of Dreams" - Cheesy piano ballad, but it's growing on me. Some nice guitar work. 5. "If the World" - Unmemorable. 6. "There Was a Time" - Awesome. This one builds and builds and
  15. I'm with IamNick ... I hated the single, but I actually like the album. Not what I would have expected after 17 yrs (although I don't think anything could live up to that kind of wait), and a couple of the ballads remind me of Bon Jovi, but overall, I'm enjoying it. I was never a big GnR fan, though, so maybe it seems okay to me because of my complete lack of expectations.
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