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  1. I say Anti-Pop and Raygun get me in a good mood best.
  2. Not in any particular order: The Carnations-Scream And Yell Small Sins-Stay Joel Plaskett Emergancy-True Patriot Love Nelly-Heart Of A Champion
  3. Breath Of A Nation Black Helicopter and other new songs
  4. Controller.Controller The Dears The Ladies And Gentlemen techno stuff Bloc Party
  5. There is no news related to his music for now.
  6. Prime Time Deliverance Suburbia Avalanche While We Were Hunting Rabbits Advertising on Police Cars
  7. Fated Tripoli Sort Of A Protest Song Apparations Weapon
  8. Advertising on Police Cars Sort of a Protest Song Weapon Apparitions While We Were Hunting Rabbits
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